Customer Reviews for Dirty Work, Clean Solutions

Tim and Allen! Allen and Tim!! A-Number-1 TEAM for all of your ‘Dirty Jobs, Clean Solutions’ needs!! Arrived ahead of time and wanted to work even after the task had been accomplished!! Brilliant use of physics to solve our seemingly unachievable goal. Amazingly effective, jovial, polite, LISTENERS (heard and accomplished our goals) great attention to detail) How could this have gone any better? Well, it couldn’t have! We’re sad they’re not geographically closer.. as soon as they walked towards their vehicle we missed them ( and still do!!) These guys are good.people. ‘Work ethic’ is an understatement. Wish there were more humans like these on our planet. Cannot recommend them highly enough.

Ken Wayne H. | Topping, VA

(Reviewed on 06/05/2024)

Outstanding service moving two monstrous appliances out of a house and into a truck, without damaging the house or appliances. Third time using Dirty Work Clean Solutions. They are the BEST!

Harry L. | Williamsburg, VA

(Reviewed on 05/08/2024)

Worked hard and hustle to get the move complete.

Bryan N. | Virginia, VA

(Reviewed on 03/30/2024)

Cindy H. | chesapeake, VA

(Reviewed on 03/20/2024)

They were very respectful and did everything that I asked in the way I asked. I’m very happy with the job that they did unloading my truck.

JESSICA H. | Fort Lee, VA

(Reviewed on 03/19/2024)

Rachel K. | Elizabeth City, NC

(Reviewed on 03/03/2024)

Edward C. | Fort Novosel, AL

(Reviewed on 03/02/2024)

These guys are great! They arrived early and were able to stay to finish the job. Capable and courteous!

Alyssa W. | CHESTER, VA

(Reviewed on 02/18/2024)

Superb job! (Tipped in cash, didn't know there was a system here)

Gary M. | Piedmont, SC

(Reviewed on 01/12/2024)

Excellent unloading service!

Darren K. | Roanoke, VA

(Reviewed on 01/07/2024)

Allen and his colleague did a wonderful job unloading my belongings from the truck into my new residence. They were very professional and contentious handling everything, but especially so with some fragile furniture pieces and were equally careful about moving through the lobby and hallway spaces throughout the building in order to be sure everything was flawless. They were both very gracious and made sure that they went about the move honoring every one of my requests. They were punctual and finished right on time, but took their time to do everything well. Moving is never fun, but they made it a great experience and I will be sure to use them for future moves.

Tracy M. | St Petersburg, FL

(Reviewed on 01/02/2024)

Allen and Tim are the best!! Very respectful, polite, and professional about moving everything with care. I was able to put full trust in them that nothing would go wrong. Totally would use Allen and Tim every time I move if I could.

Aidan A. | North Fort Myers, FL

(Reviewed on 12/27/2023)