Customer Reviews for Tetris Team Moving Company

Vaughn and his partner were super helpful and friendly. There were a lot of stairs involved and they did not complain at all.

Elizabeth D. | Collegeville, PA

(Reviewed on 06/20/2024)

Nikeema P. | Hampton, VA

(Reviewed on 05/17/2024)

ALLISON C. | Norfolk, VA

(Reviewed on 04/04/2024)

Outstanding job taking care of your furniture

James F. | Newport News, VA

(Reviewed on 02/22/2024)

We had two of the most professional movers in the world. Kevin and Darius went above and beyond. They treated our belongings and furniture like it was theirs. With care and with respect, I will recommend this company to anyone that’s in need of help moving. Thank you Tetris and thank you Kevin and Darius!

Sean Y. | Virginia Beach, VA

(Reviewed on 02/17/2024)

Tetris showed up and went straight into the task, very fast and proficient. Three pleasant guys that displayed professionalism and very accommodating

Jgena G. | SUFFOLK, VA

(Reviewed on 01/17/2024)

The guys communicated with me during the whole move and worked really fast. They got stuck in traffic on the HRBT and let me know and kept me informed. They are really professional!!

Ambet P. | Hampton, VA

(Reviewed on 12/31/2023)

To begin, movers showed up 15 mins late. When the actual move started I explained what I had in my storage unit, I've moved plenty of times with the same household items, so I suggested a way to load the truck for a reason, one of the movers told me not to worry, that I was in good hands. But, I found out some things got damaged because they weren't loaded properly, really heavy boxes and items over super light boxes and items. Also, fragile items were left on top of things and with the movement felt and got damaged. In my opinion, if they had just listened to my suggestions, damaged would have been avoided. BUT I have to admit they are very fast, something that I think was good and the reason why I tipped each one of them (this was on the spot, before I realized all the damaged).

Gema C. | Hesperia, CA

(Reviewed on 12/26/2023)

Angela T. | Newport News, VA

(Reviewed on 12/06/2023)

Company arrived late to the scheduled appointment that was confirmed. They didn’t arrive with moving equipment to complete the move in the timely manner. A piece of furniture was dropped and broken, but they did reduce the price of the move.

Leonie J. | Virginia Beach, VA

(Reviewed on 12/04/2023)

Very professional. Mannerisms was excellent. The way furniture was handled and placed was evident they are a #1 moving company and I will surely recommend

PRECHELLE W. | Portsmouth, VA

(Reviewed on 11/11/2023)

Vonn & Darian were AMAZING! They communicated & were professional. They went above and beyond. Thank you so much!

Angela J. | Virginia Beach, VA

(Reviewed on 11/11/2023)