Customer Reviews for Ramos Moving & Packing Service

Will ghost you. Come late, leave early. Not professional at all

QianJun L. | Fair oaks, CA

(Reviewed on 01/16/2022)

Mr. Ramos and his helper were extremely efficient, very professional. They are very knowledgeable and expertly packed our truck for us. Very highly recommend their service.

William A. | Clovis, CA

(Reviewed on 01/16/2022)

Sara S. | Fresno, CA

(Reviewed on 01/12/2022)

Remover’s words very quickly put everything where I asked them to put it did above and beyond!

Katherine C. | Pomona, CA

(Reviewed on 01/12/2022)

The gentlemen did a fantastic job. They were efficient, professional and “tetris-ed “ all the items perfectly so it all fit in a 20-foot truck. In fact, when we arrived in our new home, the folks who helped us unpack commented on how well the truck was assembled. Ramos Moving is excellent.

Tim R. | Fresno, CA

(Reviewed on 01/03/2022)

I was very happy with Ramos moving and packing service. There was great communication though texts and calls. We locked down a time and they showed up on time. They moved everything without damaging a thing I would easily choose them again.

juan r. | Clovis, CA

(Reviewed on 12/09/2021)

Corina M. | Fresno, CA

(Reviewed on 12/07/2021)

We used them to unload a very full 26' truck and not only did they do the job within the requested time they also went over and beyond by arranging the boxes in isles so that I could easily find and access them. They also took care to not block any doors and put items like rugs, ladders, and tools

Quency P. | Morgan Hill, CA

(Reviewed on 11/22/2021)

This team was absolutely amazing! They took such good care of our family and helped make moving go smoothly. They were highly professional, organized, efficient, and worked quickly to get the move done right. I will recommend them to friends and family in need of movers.

Manzanita A. | Sanger, CA

(Reviewed on 11/12/2021)

Landen H. | Ogden, UT

(Reviewed on 11/08/2021)

Outstanding service !! Very considerate with the handling of my belongings. I highly recommend this company

Alejandro O. | Sahuarita, AZ

(Reviewed on 11/01/2021)

Very professional and knowledgeable

Frank D. | San Ramon, CA

(Reviewed on 10/30/2021)