Customer Reviews for Priority Movers

Nick Z. | Grimes, IA

(Reviewed on 10/14/2023)

Tony and Aziz did a great job. Very fast and efficient movers.

Jesse G. | Ankeny, IA

(Reviewed on 09/23/2023)

We used Tony and AB to help us move some furniture in our home! They showed up on time and were super fast!! very kind and easy to work with! Will ask for them again!!

Sydney C. | Chandler, AZ

(Reviewed on 09/22/2023)

Did everything faster than expected.. Great job!!!

Brian M. | Surprise, AZ

(Reviewed on 09/07/2023)

Alexander D. | West Des Moines, IA

(Reviewed on 09/04/2023)

Great work!!

Kelly M. | Des Moines, IA

(Reviewed on 09/01/2023)

Larry A. | Grimes, IA

(Reviewed on 08/21/2023)

Poor. Very unprofessional. We’re not prepared for moving anything. Had to supply gloves. I told them I had a pool table and they still charged me an extra $300 to move it. They had no regards to my personal things. Damaged my pool table extensively and my exercise bike plus many other scratches and dents to my items and home. Spilled a substance in my carpets which I just had cleaned and did not tell me about it. I found it after the stain set in and had to go get something at the store to remove the stain. Very unprofessional ‘movers’. I would not recommend to anyone. Plus they were scheduled for noon then called and said 130-2pm. But still showed up late. Next time I will just hire teenagers, they would’ve done a better job.

Missy W. | Sp ncer, IN

(Reviewed on 08/16/2023)


(Reviewed on 08/07/2023)

They did a great job helping my daughter move!

Leigh B. | Dunlap, IL

(Reviewed on 08/04/2023)

Did a fantastic job!! Unloaded a 26 foot truck in 2 hours!

Christopher A. | Champaign, IL

(Reviewed on 08/01/2023)

Amazing! On time and fast workers. Made easy work of what I thought was a big job.

Gavin S. | Eagan, MN

(Reviewed on 07/29/2023)