Customer Reviews for CJT Movers

Kelly D. | Bloomington, IL

(Reviewed on 12/22/2019)

Beyond our expectations, movers were very professional and careful with our stuff. They were also very quick and efficient loading and unloading the truck. Don't hesitate to hire them!

Hiram R. | Normal, IL

(Reviewed on 12/07/2019)

Your A Team came through with shining stars. Did everything as I ask them to do and went out of there way to be helpful

Patricia S. | Jemison, AL

(Reviewed on 11/26/2019)

Janine H. | Bloomington, IL

(Reviewed on 10/07/2019)

The movers were hard working, polite, and such a help! I would use them again for sure.

Cathy K. | Lincoln, IL

(Reviewed on 09/29/2019)

Used them to move out, and then again to move in two months later. Highly recommend.

Todd N. | Decatur, IL

(Reviewed on 09/16/2019)

CJT Movers went beyond the call of duty to help move some very heavy items around the house prior to some hardwood flooring installation. Cody and Neil maintained a helpful attitude and were courteous. After the flooring was done, Cody returned nine days later with James and they returned the furnit

Kerry B. | Bloomington, IL

(Reviewed on 09/12/2019)

Owner was rude and impatient and a lot of my stuff was damaged and covered in mud because they put everything out on the front lawn just after it had rained. His staff was nice though.

Amanda O. | Iowa City, IA

(Reviewed on 08/31/2019)

I had to stop the loading and climb up on the load and have one of the movers hand me boxes to stack and help fill up the area. Otherwise not sure if all of stuff would have fit on truck. In all fairness, we asked to load special because we were unloading at one location first, then all non-heavy

Russell S. | Forsyth, IL

(Reviewed on 08/24/2019)

My confirmation indicated a different service date than Cody's, which caused confusion. I had a hard time locating the payment code, and Cody was impatient and rude instead of trying to help. The moving guys were nice, but I'm not sure they knew how to load a truck for a long distance move...fragile

Darrell A. | Bloomington, IL

(Reviewed on 08/20/2019)

Had a good experience. They were able to deliver the box one day in advance as we requested.

Jeswin J. | Chattanooga, TN

(Reviewed on 08/19/2019)

Mike and Michael were very communicative and professional. They were quick and took care with my items. Thank you!

Jalisa H. | Bloomington, IL

(Reviewed on 08/19/2019)