Customer Reviews for Big Kay's Moving

The two movers seem like nice guys but they're bad movers. They started late and broke several pieces (a bed frame and the television). I wouldn't recommend them.

Michelangelo L. | Columbia, MO

(Reviewed on 06/14/2024)

Rachel B. | Las Vegas, NV

(Reviewed on 06/14/2024)

I was lucky enough to have Michael again for this 2nd move. He works extremely hard and likes to have a good time while doing it. He was such a great help and a joy to work with again.

Hanna E. | Denver, CO

(Reviewed on 06/13/2024)

Michael and Ian were amazing! They were fast, efficient and careful with my things. If you can ask for these two I would recommend it, they are wonderful guys and know how to get the job done!

Hanna E. | Denver, CO

(Reviewed on 06/13/2024)

Cole S. | Lakewood, CO

(Reviewed on 06/12/2024)

Great and faster service

Sandra V. | Las Vegas, NV

(Reviewed on 06/12/2024)

Alison M. | Morrison, CO

(Reviewed on 06/11/2024)

Came out and did a great job quick

David S. | Bothell, WA

(Reviewed on 06/10/2024)

Great service!!

Max B. | Arvada, CO

(Reviewed on 06/09/2024)

They were so fast and very efficient!! Made the move seem effortless

Jeannie J. | Bakersfield, CA

(Reviewed on 06/08/2024)

Friendly team and made quick work of our load and unload!

Mindy S. | Lakewood, CO

(Reviewed on 06/08/2024)

Prefect, Professional, Efficient AWESOME Experience. Made recommendations the day before that was very helpful.

john j. | Winchester, VA

(Reviewed on 06/07/2024)