Customer Reviews for Promovers

Provided a detailed review on the load phase of the service. Ditto with the unload phase. You won’t be disappointed with the value and performance by choosing PROMOVERS to help you with your moving needs!!!!

Steven G. | Greendale, WI

(Reviewed on 09/23/2023)

Andrew and team were prompt and performed services in an expert manner. My wife and I helped my daughter move from an apartment to her first home at a distance of approximately 10 miles. The PROMOVERS team performed loading and unloading service. Couldn’t be happier with the quality of work. Moving is always a special challenge. Take some of the stress of your shoulders and have PROMOVERS give you a hand. You won’t find a better value and top notch results.

Steven G. | Greendale, WI

(Reviewed on 09/23/2023)

They were great!

Stephanie S. | Milwaukee, WI

(Reviewed on 09/23/2023)

Excellent crew!!! They deserve 10 stars. They are polite personable and professional. Not to mention very fast. Will definitely recommend them.

Betty K. | Toledo, OR

(Reviewed on 09/23/2023)

Very excellent and efficient! I would recommend them over any other!!

Dawnesha R. | Milwaukee, WI

(Reviewed on 09/22/2023)

Mark B. | St Paul, MN

(Reviewed on 09/16/2023)

Warren B. | Milwaukee, WI

(Reviewed on 09/10/2023)

5 star moving quality!

Karis R. | Brookhaven, GA

(Reviewed on 09/05/2023)

Pricilla S. | Milwaukee, WI

(Reviewed on 09/03/2023)

Really fast, nice guys and great communication

NICHOLAS T. | Milwaukee, WI

(Reviewed on 08/31/2023)

Deionna M. | Wauwatosa, WI

(Reviewed on 08/31/2023)

Showed up on time and wasted no time during the entire time they worked. Very professional and accommodative to all our requests. Took good care of all the stuff both while loading and unloading. This is our second time engaging and thanks to promovers for a great job!

Amala R. | Brookfield, WI

(Reviewed on 08/30/2023)