Customer Reviews for Quality Hardware

Look no further if you need moving help. They were friendly, super fast and also made sure my belongings in my uhaul were properly secured so nothing went flying during transit.

Nicoel W. | Hancock, MI

(Reviewed on 09/21/2022)

They helped me move out and move in! Excellent work!

Kyle K. | Dollar Bay, MI

(Reviewed on 07/31/2022)

Mark H. | Hancock, MI

(Reviewed on 07/24/2022)

Fast and awesome

Sharon S. | Milwaukee, WI

(Reviewed on 07/14/2022)

They were great! I wish I would have known they provided a furniture dolly and moving blanket because then I wouldn't have rented them from U-Haul.

Julia S. | LANSE, MI

(Reviewed on 07/09/2022)

They communicated several times before the date, which was extremely helpful for us. They were always very pleasant. They not only unloaded quickly, but everything was put into their correct rooms. We highly recommend them.

Lori R. | Cary, NC

(Reviewed on 06/28/2022)

Matt V. | Grand Rapids, MI

(Reviewed on 05/20/2022)

Absolutely phenomenal service. The two helping me out were enthusiastic and very diligent. I would highly recommend Quality Hardware to anyone moving.

Jared S. | Hancock, MI

(Reviewed on 05/08/2022)

Doug M. | Pewaukee, WI

(Reviewed on 05/07/2022)

Danette B. | Niagara, WI

(Reviewed on 03/21/2022)

Great work. Thank you!!!

Joseph F. | Pelkie, MI

(Reviewed on 02/25/2022)

These guys were amazing! Brave the snowy weathering the distance and helped unload a 26' truck in snow storm and tried to help get the truck unstuck. Kudos for their drive and commitment. I used them before and will use them again!!

Melissa B. | Saint joseph, MI

(Reviewed on 02/22/2022)