Customer Reviews for Second's Movers

The crew was great. They arrived within the window they gave me and worked non stop until the job was done. They were very professional and handled my property with care.


(Reviewed on 11/30/2020)

Michelle L. | Cary, NC

(Reviewed on 11/29/2020)

They were professional and they did an amazing job unloading my many items. I noticed how they stacked my containers so neatly and made it possible for my storage building not to look like a warehouse. They are simply amazing.

Leonora A. | Roanoke Rapids, NC

(Reviewed on 11/28/2020)

The two people did a good job unloading the truck and made sure they checked with us to put the goods in the correct place. They worked at a good steady pace and did not waste time. I recommend them for others needing their service.

Ron S. | Grantsville, WV

(Reviewed on 11/27/2020)

Our movers were friendly, fast and efficient! Thank you for making our move go so smooth and quickly. I've moved to and from many states because of my job using different movers and they were beyond the best I've ever dealt with!


(Reviewed on 11/19/2020)

Leon and Jennifer with Second's Movers are EXCELLENT movers! They were so courteous, expert, professional, and friendly. We have an ENORMOUS and HEAVY armoire that has been a terrible problem for professional movers in the past, and while it wasn't easy for them, they managed it without a mark on

Beth S. | Raleigh, NC

(Reviewed on 11/09/2020)

Very polite and careful


(Reviewed on 11/06/2020)


(Reviewed on 11/05/2020)

For your sanity, do not use this company. To begin with, the movers were 2.5 hours late, claiming it was due to them voting that morning. By all means, please exercise your right to vote. But when you know you’ve been hired for a job that starts at 8 am on Election Day morning, vote early (the poll

Andrew G. | Raleigh, NC

(Reviewed on 11/04/2020)

It was Wednesday when I contacted them because noone had contacted me. Jennifer stated she tried to call me previously, but my mailbox was full. That was a LIE because I didn't have a missed call and my mailbox is NEVER full. Friday, the day of moving, they were not there at 9:30am as schedule.

dIANA C. | Raleigh, NC

(Reviewed on 11/01/2020)

I have moved three times in the past year and this is the first time that I’ve actually written out a review. These people were amazing. They never ever stopped moving. Wasted absolutely NO time at all. I did not once see them stop to even take a breather. They moved all of my things out of storag

Ashley ` C. | Fayetteville, NC

(Reviewed on 10/28/2020)

Carl T. | Osborn, MO

(Reviewed on 10/27/2020)