Customer Reviews for Allegiance Movers

John and his crew were outstanding. Prompt and professional is all I can say. They dealt with a variety of mishaps on my part and never complained one bit. They moved fast but weren't careless at all. My friends and family would've spent two days moving all my stuff into my raised ranch. We were amazed! The cost was worth every penny!!

Kimberly B. | Summerville, PA

(Reviewed on 03/13/2023)

Great work and highly recommend!!

Jacob S. | Philipsburg, PA

(Reviewed on 02/17/2023)

John and his crew were amazing! They were very professional and efficient. So happened that we had a grumpy guy living in the apartment who was a bit hostile towards us moving furniture out, and I felt very embarrassed for him, but the moving crew was very polite and handled even this weird situation with calmness and professionalism. I would hire them again without any doubts! And they packed my studio apartment in maybe 1 hour!

Natalia K. | State College, PA

(Reviewed on 02/05/2023)

John was timely, helpful, courteous and professional. I highly recommend him to move.

Rhone F. | Washington, DC

(Reviewed on 02/02/2023)

John was great. Very knowledgeable and efficient. Made loading day so much easier!

Erich G. | State-College, PA

(Reviewed on 01/29/2023)

Excellent, professional service throughout the entire process. Highly recommend.

Matthew W. | State College, PA

(Reviewed on 01/04/2023)

This is our second time using their moving service. They were efficient and professional! I would highly recommend them if you are looking for moving helps!

Esther G. | State-College, PA

(Reviewed on 12/20/2022)

The Allegiance Movers team were fantastic! They handled moving many large pieces of furniture in the pouring rain and took their shoes off when they were inside to avoid tracking mud. I highly recommend them.

Steve C. | State College, PA

(Reviewed on 12/04/2022)

John N. | Dubois, PA

(Reviewed on 11/26/2022)

EXCELLENT! Very professional, friendly and conscientious. Will use them again and highly recommend them.

David D. | Du Bois, PA

(Reviewed on 10/30/2022)

This crew was great. Showed up on time, worked quickly and efficiently. Would highly recommend.

Nancy L. | State College, PA

(Reviewed on 10/16/2022)

Great service, would highly recommend

Isaac P. | State College, PA

(Reviewed on 10/02/2022)