Customer Reviews for Local Reliable Movers

Two of my friends told me about this company called Local Reliable Movers that they are truly professionals and they know what they're doing they have the experience and the knowledge so I just wanted to try it out for myself with some help with a little bit of packing and some moving. So, you can definitely tell very professional experienced and won't leave until you're absolutely satisfied! Hands down, the best moving company we have ever hired. Absolutely will hire them again probably even this week. Thank you so much Nick thank you! Used his own packing supplies and his own Straps to hold the load down! Amazing!

Alexander K. | Kent, WA

(Reviewed on 09/19/2023)

Dawn C. | Kirkland, WA

(Reviewed on 09/11/2023)

They were very fast and thorough!! Very good communication!!

Dawn C. | Kirkland, WA

(Reviewed on 09/09/2023)

Tipped Moving Help providers independently at the time. Guys were great!

Thad H. | Issaquah, WA

(Reviewed on 09/04/2023)

Great communication and safe, methodical work!

Akshat K. | Kirkland, WA

(Reviewed on 09/04/2023)

These guys deserve a gold medal in Tetris! Watching them load and unload my U-Haul was like witnessing a real-life game of moving furniture Jenga. They somehow managed to fit everything perfectly, and I half expected them to shout Bingo! when the last piece fell into place. If moving was an Olympic sport, these guy would definitely take home the gold and maybe a few splinters too!

Amanda M. | Seattle, WA

(Reviewed on 08/26/2023)

One hour into the job, they took a 40 minute break. I understand the need for a break while doing a hard job, but paying them for a 40 minute break did not feel good. My other complaint is they used a moving blanket to wrap a bicycle but not a dresser. The dresser was left standing with a rope over the top of it. The dresser tipped over and received multiple gouges, dings, scratches.

Danielle N. | Seattle, WA

(Reviewed on 08/15/2023)

The guys were physically slow and had a bad attitude. They also were complaining in Russian the whole time about having to work. The construction crew at the house spoke Russian and told me they we talking shit about having to work all day. Your crew should not assume people don't understand Russian. I had to finish the job by myself because after 5 hours these slow movers were not done. They DEFINATELY need to get another easier job, one that does not need a physical talent because they have none. (one guy has no business doing physical work) ULOADING A TRUCK is the easiest job in moving and there is zero reasons why this crew struggled with this job. Sad effort!!!!

charlie s. | AZTEC, NM

(Reviewed on 08/11/2023)

David C. | Seattle, WA

(Reviewed on 08/06/2023)

Nick and Edwin did an excellent job. They were fast, professional, careful, and prepared.

Max F. | Fairfield, CA

(Reviewed on 08/01/2023)


(Reviewed on 07/18/2023)


(Reviewed on 07/18/2023)