Customer Reviews for Pacific Coast

When initially booked, U-Haul only suggests 2 hours and later I added 2 hours more hours. The system did not alert the movers that I had done so, and the fellow unloading my truck told me that I should have called the office and told them. He was then not very pleasant with me, as though my adding hours to the job (which i prepaid for) had inconvenienced everyone. This negative attitude continued until the next job called and needed to push back the start time, at which point, he became rather pleasant. In fairness, I think both people working were just frustrated with the situation. I felt bad and even was helping unload the truck. This ended up with them finishing the unload in 3 hours, not 4, and yet I was still charged for the 4 hours. On top of this, quite a few things were left in the garage, instead of carried inside, let alone upstairs. I am not super impressed and I do not think I would recommend this company, especially when there are so many in the area to choose from.

Sonia S. | Santa rosa, CA

(Reviewed on 06/13/2024)

Natalie Z. | San Diego, CA

(Reviewed on 06/13/2024)

Tipped the workers in cash


(Reviewed on 06/10/2024)

Nicest crew who seriously knew how to fit my stuff like Tetris pros

SAMUEL A. | San Diego, CA

(Reviewed on 06/09/2024)

Nicholas M. | San Diego, CA

(Reviewed on 06/08/2024)

Reliable and friendly

Wendy A U. | San-Diego, CA

(Reviewed on 06/02/2024)

Carlos Romero and Gilio did fantastic.

Alexander D. | Vista, CA

(Reviewed on 06/02/2024)

Justine S. | escondido, CA

(Reviewed on 06/02/2024)

Guys were great.

Alli M. | Mission Viejo, CA

(Reviewed on 06/01/2024)

The guys were awesome, they Tetris’d the shit out of the U-Haul, and were so speedy doing so. Would recommend

Haleigh B. | San Diego, CA

(Reviewed on 06/01/2024)

Guys were awesome! So friendly and hard workers

Cameron P. | San Diego, CA

(Reviewed on 06/01/2024)

Vanya S. | San Marcos, CA

(Reviewed on 06/01/2024)