Customer Reviews for Move It All

As always (used 2x's in past), outstanding across the board.

Troy R. | Plano, TX

(Reviewed on 06/19/2024)

We called 24 hours prior to needing help and Move it All was able to accommodate our request. We had several large pieces and several other boxes and containers. Move it all sent Corey and Marcus and they were fantastic. They worked the whole time and were polite and very careful, thinking through each piece and how it needed to be moved to not cause any damage to house of item. They were awesome! We had them for about 2 hours and they did a fantastic job. You can’t go wrong using this company with your moving needs! Thanks and very appreciative of the help! You guys are awesome!

Arthur M. | Lebanon, TN

(Reviewed on 06/18/2024)

Very nice and professional movers. They were punctual and happy to respect our wishes when it came to packing our truck. There were a couple of moments where we felt like our larger furniture could have been handled a little more carefully, but we had things blanket wrapped and padded which helped. All of our items made it to our destination with very minimal nicks or scratches. We would recommend them again for your moving needs. They were a tremendous help to us during our move.

Kyle H. | Sewanee, TN

(Reviewed on 06/18/2024)

Did a great job. Have used twice now and would book again.

Zoe R. | Millington, TN

(Reviewed on 06/17/2024)

Excellent service! Fast working and friendly.

Cassie M. | Silver Point, TN

(Reviewed on 06/14/2024)

Excellent hardworking and friendly service.

Cassie M. | Silver Point, TN

(Reviewed on 06/14/2024)

Jhonnatan M. | Nashville, TN

(Reviewed on 06/13/2024)

We hired them for loading furniture into the truck. They were nice and fast, and placed all the furniture in the truck in the 2 hours we had, so I was impressed with them when they left. After they left and I still had some boxes to load and I realized that none of the furniture pads we provided were used, and only one ratchet strap we provided was used. When unloading the truck we found that several pieces of furniture were damaged but I purchased SafeMove insurance so hopefully that will help. I'd still recommend them, but I'd make sure pads and straps are use throughout the process. Regrettably, my positive perception of the experience was tarnished by one of the movers reaching out to me via text to express dissatisfaction with the tip I provided, which caught me off guard and left me feeling uneasy. I extended an offer to address the matter, but received no response. This unexpected interaction left a sour taste in my mouth and led me to rate their professionalism poorly.

Joey W. | Harrison, TN

(Reviewed on 06/11/2024)

BLAKE L. | Fairview, TN

(Reviewed on 06/09/2024)

Mei R. | Germantown, TN

(Reviewed on 06/08/2024)

The guys were great. On time and super thoughtful!

Cody P. | Leicester, NC

(Reviewed on 06/02/2024)

Both of our movers were excellent, would highly recommend them. Thank you, moving is stressful enough, but it’s great to have a good quality help. We gave a nice tip to each helper, they deserved it, for their hard work.

Chris L. | Thomasville, GA

(Reviewed on 06/01/2024)