Customer Reviews for 2 guys

Kunbi A. | Magnolia, Tx

(Reviewed on 12/31/2019)

The lead person did a pretty good job of packing the truck. Unfortunately due to packing errors on his part 3 items were damaged. The assistant was clumsy and careless. He knocked the top off my custom made table and the lead guy had to reattach it. He managed to drop items, run them into doors,


(Reviewed on 12/08/2019)

Got there late. One worker ok . 2nd worker wanted to just hurry up and get done. Too hot , work hard, etc. No attention to detail or care. It was 7 pcs to put on truck w a little moving items around to allow to fit. It was a disaster and of i hadnt been there wow. Spent 1/4 time wrapped. Lost pa

Lloyd G. | Remsenburg, NY

(Reviewed on 09/25/2019)

Shawn S. | Montgomery, TX

(Reviewed on 09/23/2019)

Awesome job. Delighted with the work!

Mark R. | Montgomery, TX

(Reviewed on 09/01/2019)

John G. | Victoria, Tx

(Reviewed on 08/18/2019)

These guys were amazing!!

Samantha K. | Humble, TX

(Reviewed on 08/11/2019)

One of the movers was professional the other had no idea what he was doing. He only wanted to talk the whole time while the other guy worked. My truck wasn’t packed well a table was broken and my couches had stains overall this was a horrible experience.

Joseph B. | Baytown, Tx

(Reviewed on 08/02/2019)

Great job

Joseph T. | Spring, TX

(Reviewed on 07/29/2019)

They lived up to the name. Easily unpacked the truck and transferred my belongings into the storage unit. Would definite hire again.

David R. | The Woodlands, TX

(Reviewed on 07/28/2019)

Great!!!!! The team was quick, helpful, energetic. So thankful for their help. Would recommend again and again.

Anthony D. | Folsom, CA

(Reviewed on 07/15/2019)

Dan and the guys from Perfect move were very prompt and professional. Had a great experience and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for help moving.

Daniel W. | Montgomery, TX

(Reviewed on 07/13/2019)