Customer Reviews for BS Quality Movers

Sardar H. | Clinton, MS

(Reviewed on 07/16/2022)

B&S truly came to the rescue when my move threatened to turn into a complete fiasco. When you have to downsize from a 2500 square foot home with basement and two car garage to a small apartment plus a storage unit, there's plenty that can go wrong...especially when you are just days from the move a

Christian P. | Ashland, OH

(Reviewed on 07/10/2022)

Showing up 6 hours late after 11pm at night with a 14 year old kid to move our belongings was unprofessional and not the moving help I paid for. If I wanted a child to help I would have paid my neighborhood kids, not a moving company. We had to unload nearly half the truck ourselves and then we’re c

Ethab S. | Trenton, OH

(Reviewed on 07/08/2022)

I tipped my movers before they left. It was a great experience to have help from very professional movers with great attitudes. I highly recommend their service to everyone.

jo p. | Cincinnati, OH

(Reviewed on 07/07/2022)

The people that showed up were not professional at all. The older gentleman and the younger guy were fighting about how to do everything and it was very awkward. They also took little care with our items or the walls around where they moved. They also didn’t even load all of our stuff and we had to

Courtney R. | Pataskala, OH

(Reviewed on 06/09/2022)

On time, fast, efficient, friendly, and a pleasure to work with. Excellent father son team. Thank you Don and Dj.

Yasar S. | Columbus, OH

(Reviewed on 05/29/2022)

Arrived 5 minutes early and loaded my van efficiently and quickly. Very polite movers.

Chelsea M. | Lakewood, OH

(Reviewed on 05/01/2022)

After accepting the job via Uhaul and initial contact; they ignored calls after not arriving 2 hours later. Uhaul had to reach out to them again. It was few more hours before arriving and completing the job.

Roxane C. | Milford-Center, OH

(Reviewed on 03/27/2022)

efficient help

Joseph L. | Rocky River, OH

(Reviewed on 02/10/2022)

They worked their rear ends off loading/ unloading. They worked in the bitter cold all day and into the evening. They were very good with organizing the truck to fit as much in a load as possible.

Jennifer A. | Mansfield, OH

(Reviewed on 01/30/2022)

They are very hard workers who take their profession seriously and want to do well.

Wesley K S. | Ft Wayne, IN

(Reviewed on 01/23/2022)

Mary P. | Newark, OH

(Reviewed on 11/15/2021)