Customer Reviews for A-C Movers

They were very polite and worked very hard to complete the move in the scheduled time. Would use them again without question.

James M. | Lisle, NY

(Reviewed on 08/03/2023)

When I booked A-C and called them, they started they no longer were in business; however, they called back and said they would get a crew for me, which they did. They were able to unload a 15 ft truck in one hour exactly, having to climb about 25 steps each trip! The two young men were very friendly and professional and listened to exactly what I wanted and followed it to the T. Not sure if they have plans to reopen the moving business but I will keep their info on file should I need them again!

Russell A. | Vestal, NY

(Reviewed on 06/24/2023)

The guys were very courteous and professional. Was exceptionally focused on the care of out possessions

Kelly J. | Elmira, NY

(Reviewed on 07/15/2022)

Charles and Justin were very professional, courteous, and demonstrate exceptional customer service. A-C Movers jumped in at the last minute to assist with this U-BOX move need as the original movers did not show as expected per contract. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing U-BOX

Nanette S. | Ashland, PA

(Reviewed on 07/06/2022)

These guys were so fast! They came on short notice too. Helped us open painted shut windows. Moved a full truck, up a flight of steep stairs, in less than 2 hours. Great personalities too! Very pleased!!

Lauren C. | Stonington, CT

(Reviewed on 07/01/2022)

Steven M. | Baltimore, MD

(Reviewed on 01/21/2022)

Truck was packed in a really funky, unnecessary way. Every piece of furniture "wasn't going anywhere" but just came out of the truck extremely scratched. Like little piles of sawdust scratched. Every single piece. Anyhow, crew worked well together but I'd suggest letting the boss organize and superv

Brian D. | Louisville, KY

(Reviewed on 07/31/2021)

A-C Movers did a WONDERFUL job. They loaded up all of my stuff in ~40 minutes and were incredibly professional and efficient. I would hire them again in a heartbeat!

Ana P. | Ithaca, NY

(Reviewed on 07/22/2021)

We hired them for two hours, but after 1 hour wanted to leave. They stayed another half an hour, and then stated they were leaving because all of the big pieces of furniture had been loaded on the truck. They said they were told they were only mo in the big pieces, which was not our understanding.

Fred R. | Powder Springsq, GA

(Reviewed on 06/30/2021)

Jae Ik C. | Fayetteville, NY

(Reviewed on 05/31/2021)

I am extremely satisfied with their services and they are responsive.

Eric D. | Toronto, ON

(Reviewed on 05/30/2021)

Bridgette C. | Jersey City, NJ

(Reviewed on 05/30/2021)