Customer Reviews for Cal State Movers

They said they were unable to fit everything in a truck transfer even though the trucks were the exact same size. When I went to unload, I found ample empty space that would’ve suited the items I was forced to leave behind. Several items were also broken due to their placement in the truck. Bent kn

Christian R. | Phoenix, AZ

(Reviewed on 01/22/2022)

Their attitude of load/unload services are excellent. We already paid them $20 of tip in cash while they finish the work.

Ling P. | Gaithersburg, MD

(Reviewed on 09/07/2020)

Items were taken, my things were thrown around, the truck was no packed properly, and the two cousins provided moved very slow complaining that they would only make $150 for there six hours work.

Laurie S. | Modesto, CA

(Reviewed on 08/14/2020)

On time, hard working and flexible. Recommend!

Amy D. | Bismarck, ND

(Reviewed on 08/05/2020)

robyn s. | Fremont, CA

(Reviewed on 06/12/2020)

Whitney B. | Huntersville, NC

(Reviewed on 05/15/2020)

John B. | San Francisco, CA

(Reviewed on 04/01/2020)

The movers were so friendly and courteous. They finished early because the worked so quickly!

Erica H. | San Carlos, CA

(Reviewed on 02/25/2020)

Damian and CJ were great. Everything was wrapped and loaded efficiently even though we kept getting in their way. Would recommend.

Charlene M. | Placerville, CA

(Reviewed on 02/19/2020)

LEIGHTON D. | RedWood City, CA

(Reviewed on 02/14/2020)