Customer Reviews for HW MOVERS

Carsten E. | Falmouth, ME

(Reviewed on 09/15/2021)

Will L. | Boston, MA

(Reviewed on 09/06/2021)

They were terrible!! I would not recommend. Multiple damages!! They only had 3 rooms to move and all they did was complain!! After showing up late! They don’t deserve the money they got!! I should be compensated for my damages!! They didn’t even know how to pack a truck!!

Lisa D. | Salem, NH

(Reviewed on 09/04/2021)

Michael S. | Ann Arbor, MI

(Reviewed on 09/01/2021)

charles A. | Pittsfield, NH

(Reviewed on 08/23/2021)

I have never had a better moving experience. They were so easy to work with and boy, do they know how to load a truck! Thank you

Claudia H. | Boerne, TX

(Reviewed on 08/06/2021)

Natasha S. | Washington, DC

(Reviewed on 08/01/2021)

HW movers were excellent!! Great communication prior to move day & I felt very assured they wanted to make sure all went well. They unloaded the truck in record time, taking care with all of my things and that they went to the right places and they were very nice people!! They made my move a huge

Risa G. | Andover, MA

(Reviewed on 07/25/2021)

Very polite and professional. They did a great job!

Patricia C. | Concord, NH

(Reviewed on 07/24/2021)

Ramon V. | Woodbridge, NJ

(Reviewed on 07/07/2021)

HW Movers saved the day for me. The company I had originally scheduled never responded and it was the night before. HW Movers accepted the job at the last minute. We were experiencing some of the hottest temps I have seen in years - heat index was 104! Their perseverance and professionalism was ama

Annemarie I. | Danville, NH

(Reviewed on 07/03/2021)

Eric B. | Wolfeboro, NH

(Reviewed on 06/24/2021)