Customer Reviews for Smooth Moves LLC

They were quick and careful. They didn't slide things around unnecessarily, and asked me where I wanted things in my apartment.

Ethan S. | Franklin, PA

(Reviewed on 09/19/2023)

Salathiel B. | Fresno, CA

(Reviewed on 09/16/2023)

Helpers were pleasant and helpful

Gwen C. | Fort Wayne, IN

(Reviewed on 09/12/2023)

10 out of 10 everything was perfect

Paris R. | Fort Wayne, IN

(Reviewed on 09/08/2023)

Communication was excellent. Worked professionally and quick. They did ask to run to the store for drinks, but we provided them. My only problem was the way they packed my truck. I had the biggest truck (26 ft) and they filled it with a 2 bedroom apartment. I asked to be packed tight so I could have some empty space in truck. When we unloaded there was a lot of single layered packing. The space was not utilized well but they showed up and got the job done.

Margot M. | Carey, OH

(Reviewed on 09/02/2023)

Megan R. | Centerburg, OH

(Reviewed on 09/01/2023)

Abby O. | Yellow Springs, OH

(Reviewed on 08/31/2023)

Jessica N. | Fort Wayne, IN

(Reviewed on 08/30/2023)

They were very professional and did the best job I've ever had done

Rachel S. | Fort Wayne, IN

(Reviewed on 08/26/2023)

They did a great job and were very careful with my belongings.

Rachel S. | Fort Wayne, IN

(Reviewed on 08/26/2023)

Very professional and pleasant guys. They were in and out very quickly while making sure to be careful with everything.


(Reviewed on 08/25/2023)

Jeff A. | Tampa, FL

(Reviewed on 08/24/2023)