How many hours do I need?

Use the tables below to estimate the number of hours you will need.

Crew size

Sq. Ft.2 person3 person4 person
Under 8002 hrs2 hrsN/A
800-10002 hrs2 hrsN/A
1000-15003 hrs2-3 hrs2 hrs
1500-20004 hrs3-4 hrs2-3 hrs
2001-30006 hrs4-5 hrs3-4 hrs
3000-40006-8 hrs5-6 hrs4-5 hrs
4000+10+ hrs8-10 hrs6-8 hrs

Multiple locations drive time

10-40 miles1/2 hr
40-75 miles1-2 hrs
75-100 miles2-3 hrs

Carry distance to truck

Under 20 ft0 hrs
20-50 ft1/2 hr - 1 hr
50+ ft1-2 hrs


1 hour per flight of stairs