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All seasoned movers and number 3 of 7,900 in america in 2022. Pushing for number 1 every year forward. We strive to be the best while still being one of the cheapest around. With over 2500 completed jobs behind us we have earned a very good reputation for being what we strive to be. Everyone has bad days and sometimes it's things we can't help. But helping make your move as stress free as possible is something we can help with. Thanks and God bless

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The movers were absolutely excellent! I could not have asked for better. They went above and beyond and packed the truck so tightly that they got everything on - far more than I expected.

Frances M. | Martinez, GA

(Reviewed on 03/18/2023)

The movers were fast in getting the heavy items moved out of the apartment, which was great. However I asked before they came to simply leave some bedroom furniture by the dumpster, which they agreed to, but never came back to do it. I am a single woman with a teenage girl so we were pretty much stuck leaving it in the old place. Also, I was told it was easy to remove a dryer from this tight laundry room (I told them it may be difficult but not impossible) and they actually ripped a hole in the wall with the dryer. The hook up for the dryer hose was also ripped out of the wall. They did not bother to mention the damages. I definitely doubt that I will get my security deposit back after this. The hole was not there prior to the movers coming out. Before I knew about the hole, the service was good, but the damages and leaving me with furniture I cant move has really left a bad taste in my mouth. Its not fair to me to get charged for damages I didnt create and for furniture left behind.

Tanesha R. | Gastonia, NC

(Reviewed on 03/17/2023)

Both Daniel and Wayne were very couteous and professional. I would definitely hire them again when I move into my new home. There was some confusion as to WHERE the job was. I listed my residence when I completed the online application when I SHOULD have listed the storage facility where the actual job was to be done. This was a rather unusual job in that the only moving that was to be done was the moving of items within the 10' x 15' indoor storage unit in order to permit me to inspect them for damage for a pending insurance claim.They were quite helpful assisting me with the inspection of items for any possible damage.

Jacqueline F. | Taylors, SC

(Reviewed on 03/16/2023)

Our movers had to be the best ones out there! Thank you guys for all you did & will defiantly only recommend this company to anyone that needs help

desirae m. | Greensboro, GA

(Reviewed on 03/14/2023)

Communication was great with Chris and his crew. Turtle and Dylan were professional and caring making sure the load was right. Thank you very much.

Kieran B. | Arden, NC

(Reviewed on 03/14/2023)

I regret hiring these guys, they left me stuck completing the move , all the furniture was damaged.

William C. | Greenville, SC

(Reviewed on 03/14/2023)

The two gentlemen who helped me were quick and very professional. Thank you. Tipped cash.

Deborah T. | Charlotte, NC

(Reviewed on 03/13/2023)

The movers did a great job! They worked very fast!!

Tamara G. | Rutherfordton, NC

(Reviewed on 03/13/2023)

The two-man crew was professional, efficient, courteous, careful and considerate . I could not have been more pleased with their work.

Sandra D. | New Port Richey, FL

(Reviewed on 03/12/2023)