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United Shipping is a family moving company. Proudly serving Iowa area. Book us today for great service at a reasonable price. Were here to lift the heavy items, take the stairs or whatever the job requires. Same day service available-Need help driving your U haul truck? Need help packing? Need help Cleaning? Thank you for your time., BOOK US TODAY. UNITED SHIPPING MH.

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Fantastic experience!! We accidentally got a smaller U-Haul than we probably should have, and these guys worked hard to make it all fit!!

Megan S. | Mason City, IA

(Reviewed on 07/05/2024)

I Provided Equipment For Them To Use and They Did Not Use It. My over $2000.00 washer and dryer set was badly damaged. The washer was tipped on its top at one point, and it is an energy efficient washer that contains a small amount of water even after being drained. Bothe the washer and the dryer are badly scratched up on both sides of the machine. the front corners of the washer are dented. The end of the Dryer cord is crushed. The refrigerator was sent on its cord causing it to cut thought the cord.

Dynasty S. | Mason City, IA

(Reviewed on 07/01/2024)

Second time using this company. They had a relaxed and polite disposition. They worked hard the whole time. Called the day before for confirmation and the day of because an earlier move took longer. Good team that handled my stuff with care.

Alicia B. | Harrisonville, MO

(Reviewed on 06/26/2024)

great work! very fast and efficient, and very friendly

Alisha H. | Waukee, IA

(Reviewed on 06/26/2024)

Johaan and crew did a great job with my move. They were on time, handled my belongings and protected my walls and doorways with care. I would recommend Johaan for moving help needed in your next move. Thanks, Greg

Greg A. | west Des Moines, IA

(Reviewed on 06/26/2024)

Talk about fast. The crew that came got my stuff loaded and unloaded very quickly. I had hired through moving help to load and unload heavy and or bulky items. They got done with that before the two hours was up and so also moved a bunch of boxes I had previously taken to the new house from the garage to the house for me. Only negative for me, was the crew called and said they would be delayed an hour and a half, which I understand happens. Because I had trucks coming to transport the furniture, they both had to leave and come back. The crew was experienced and I was happy with the job done.

Megan M. | Waterloo, IA

(Reviewed on 06/23/2024)

The workers were very helpful and professional. They were also pretty quick with loading and unloading. The only problem I found with them was how they advertised driving help, and then told me that driving is NOT part of their service and requires an extra charge. Though, I am happy with their service overall, so I am fine with giving them something extra.

Kaung H. | Oskaloosa, IA

(Reviewed on 06/17/2024)

Terry and his crew were very professional and worked hard to get everything loaded. I would use them again and highly recommend their sercices

FRED M. | Sumner, IA

(Reviewed on 06/15/2024)

Showed up day before the move was scheduled was good help. Didn't show up when we actually scheduled them never answered or called back to let us know what was going on was stranded doing a full 26 foot alone by myself. Could have been somehow our fault from miscommunication but we tried to make it very clear to everyone in involved and they responded as if they knew exactly what we were saying. When they actually showed up they did a good job.

Colbie F. | Lima, OH

(Reviewed on 06/13/2024)