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Charles H. | Alexandria, VA

(Reviewed on 05/31/2024)

Communication can definitely improve. I had to call the company multiple times to confirm details. On the day of the move I called again to confirm time and availability and received positive response. When I finally got the UHaul, I inquired how far out they are. Turns out they DO NOT DISPATCH the team until you confirm that you are on location and have the Uhaul available. It took additional hour and a half for the team to get there after my call. While the interaction was cordial overall, I was not happy about such long delay. What if I did not call? Would they even show up? Other than that, the movers themselves were efficient and professional.

Aleksey N. | Hollywood, MD

(Reviewed on 05/15/2024)

Anica M. | Alexandria, VA

(Reviewed on 11/02/2023)

HORRIBLE!!!!! After 2 no shows (Jamal, James) 1 cancellation (Cesar) and 90 minutes late r 1 helper (Mike) showed up. He was willing to move but did not want to drive. I ended up driving but Mike was the only worker. the good thing was that he was very fast and hard working. An hour later Alex showed up and left after 20 min. Which made my time crunch even more stressful. I needed to be out of my unit that night to make the storage before 10. By now it's 8pm. I made it by 959pm. I waited at the Uhaul for 90 min before someone came. The owner did not have a sense of urgency to me. He never even called me to confirm the reservation or help. I had to call him. On top of everything I go to set up my tv and it is damaged. I reached out to the owner and no response. This cost me nothing but time, money, and stress!!! I would NEVER EVER use them again!!!!! This is not a real moving co. He basically gets random ppl and pays them what he wants. While you do the rest!

Stacey M. | Frederick, MD

(Reviewed on 10/18/2023)

Edward S. | Winterville, NC

(Reviewed on 10/14/2023)

Ana R. | Boston, MA

(Reviewed on 10/07/2023)

The service was very good. The movers were very efficient. Michael and Jon did the job for us. Also they took our booking on the last moment and did a timely job. I thank them and highly recommend. Also, tipped the movers already

Azbina R. | Fairfax, VA

(Reviewed on 10/05/2023)

The mover's were very efficient and professional and courteous

Andrew S. | Lexington park, MD

(Reviewed on 10/04/2023)

Charles and TJ have been real good and professional all through out. They did a great job in wrapping it up and packing and loading our stuff safely in the Uhaul truck.


(Reviewed on 09/23/2023)