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Kind, courteous, and experienced. Ready to help you with all your moving needs for a fair price. Thanks for checking us out, let us help you soon! *Upright Pianos only for piano moves

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Buddhini Chathurangi N. | Eugene, OR

(Reviewed on 09/22/2023)

Hired 2 movers for 2 hours and they got my truck unloaded in a hour and a half. They did a great job.

Zachary A. | Klamath Falls, OR

(Reviewed on 09/22/2023)

Super helpful and fast movers. They did a wonderful job.

Dena K. | Paradise valley, AZ

(Reviewed on 09/18/2023)

Experienced movers are not how I would describe the help I received in the slightest. The US Department of Labor defined professionalism as conducting oneself with responsibility, integrity, accountability, and excellence. This responsibility, integrity, accountability and excellence was not displayed when moving several of the items in our home. For example, the two helpers would constantly complain that they had to move heavy items. They would verbally complain in an unprofessional manner to one another when one wasn’t doing what they wanted. Another example, they broke two entertainment centers (each costing upwards of $200). Negligence was displayed when they attempted to squeeze a large stainless refrigerator through a gap that was too small without first taking off the doors. This left a large dent and scratch in the refrigerator. I will be contacting the manager and expect a full refund for the unprofessional labor and compensation to cover the damages to my property.

Micah C. | Eugene, OR

(Reviewed on 09/16/2023)

They were late due to the fact that the company did not realize the had an order.

Lisa M. | Albany, OR

(Reviewed on 09/14/2023)

The mattress was packed incorrectly and unsecured so it fell over and smashed several boxes.

Mikah S. | Washougal, WA

(Reviewed on 09/12/2023)

The truck wasn’t packed very well and at least 2 of my items were broken during the process.

Hilary A. | Portland, OR

(Reviewed on 09/10/2023)

This moving help was horrible. First they called at 9;30 and canceled due to having no wind shield wipers, it was raining that day. They called back an hour later to ask if I still needed them, I said yes as I had been in a panic. They arrived at 11;20. Five pieces of my furniture were damaged as I have since discovered. They tilted every piece of furniture on it side and put on a dolly and banged down the steps with them. My corner cabinet that has been in the family for 60 years was scraped on the side, four other pieces, the tops are coming off. I have pictures of the damage. They were gone for about 20 minutes on loading , I went out to see where they were and they were smoking pot in the parking lot next to my building! They were extremely slow and the move took 6.5 hours. I had already paid $200 for 3 hours, I gave one of the movers $240 more in cash and he wanted more.The only positive thing I can say is they were nice. I am very upset about the damage to my furniture

Louise R. | Portland, OR

(Reviewed on 09/06/2023)

The movers were supposed to arrive at 230, they arrived at 445pm. The dollies they had were not the kind needed for stairs. One of the movers was a younger guy and he did a decent job, the 2nd mover was 61 he stated and hunched over barely able to move anything. He was very slow and moved maybe 10 percent of what the 1st mover did. My son and I had loaded the 19ft truck before they arrived and went to the new location. Thank goodness we did and they didn't even finish unloading the whole truck in 2 hours. There was only 1 set of stairs and they were straight, and yet they were very slow to move my items. There wasn't any heavy furniture just boxes and storage totes. They left before the 2hr mark was up. I had to go get more help and pay them additional funds to take care of the next truck full, that had the heavy furniture. I feel like I was totally ripped off. I would never use them again and it is terrible that they would expect a 61 yr old to move heavy items. Avoid them!

David W. | Mcminnville, OR

(Reviewed on 09/04/2023)