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The washer had some damage to the lid. The team worked well together and didn't need extra help to get the job done since. They arrived late because of an accident on the highway. Theo and Sam did a good job.

Martha R. | Bremerton, WA

(Reviewed on 05/30/2023)

The crew was hard working with limited lag in completing their tasks. Wow, few hours notice and willing to help when in a bind from new owners (home buyers) taking my expensive stuff. The manager offsite ended up being unprofessional during the services.She meant well. As I made a new friend willing to work, then she wanted me to pay her ,for my new friend to give to him, it wasn’t associated with the company . Manager called me several times when I was working with the crew; had to run off phone.

Marie P. | Pacific, WA

(Reviewed on 05/27/2023)

Jason C. | Stanwood, WA

(Reviewed on 05/23/2023)

Best price, excellent service. Exceeded our expectations. Thank you so very much.

Bever B. | Port Orchard, WA

(Reviewed on 05/17/2023)

Tyane D. | Olympia, WA

(Reviewed on 05/14/2023)

Cash tip given

Kiana B. | Olympia, WA

(Reviewed on 05/13/2023)

Quick Breeze moving company saved us! Our other moving company came out and canceled 20 minutes into starting after being an hour and a half late. I called quick breeze moving company and they came out within an hour and 15 minutes and did our move in seven hours. Both movers had a positive attitude and worked very quickly and efficiently the entire time. They were very personable and respectful. They packed the truck really well and only a few things got minor damage which when you rent a uhaul is a risk you take! Overall really great experience! Highly recommend! Thank god they bailed us out!

Michelle C. | Seattle, WA

(Reviewed on 04/18/2023)

I think if they coordinated with Uhaul storage more closely it would of been a better experience.

Justin L. | Oceanside, CA

(Reviewed on 04/10/2023)

These guys were a full hour late, no communication of an ETA during that hour we were waiting. Just that theyre almost there but they dont have service on their phone to call you but theyll be there soon. By the time they showed up we had half our truck unloaded by family and friends who shouldnt have been lifting so much but we couldnt wait around all day for these guys to show up. They mentioned they had been out until 5 am the night before and just woke up so they werent late because of traffic. Then they wanted me to still pay for that hour they were late. The lady on the phone tried to explain that UHaul still charges her 15 percent per estimated hour and that will come out of her business account even if we only pay for 3 hours as if thats my problem to still pay the them the hour they missed. I felt that was very unprofessional. Would not hire again.

Samantha S. | TACOMA, WA

(Reviewed on 03/28/2023)