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10 DIY and Decor Blogs to Inspire Your New Home

Posted: February 13, 2024
An armchair sits in a living room with green wall paneling, plants, and other accessories surrounding it. Our favorite 10 DIY and Decor blogs can help you get inspired for your home.

Moving Help® is the go-to resource for your moving guides and how-to’s, which can take plenty of the stressful parts of moving off your shoulders. We’ve also decided to add a touch of joy to your new home with a list of 10 DIY and home decor blogs to check out for decorating your new home with DIY projects and inspirational photos of beautiful homes.

After you’re done moving, we figured you’d want to hear about some of the fun parts of getting a new home — namely, decor. We all want a home that perfectly encapsulates what our ideal aesthetics are. Some of these are from interior design professionals and others are from people who’ve turned their interest in DIY into an outlet for expression online.

1. Apartment Therapy

Sometimes the basics are there for a reason. Apartment Therapy has great design and how-to guides, but the real magic is the House Tours. Each one captures the lived-in look of a home: flaws, features, eccentricities, and all.

Our favorite thing to do is look at the featured tours, look at what colors, accents, and styles speak to us, and apply that to our own homes. This adds a personal touch to your space — that prioritizes personal style over trends.

2. Grillo-Designs

Grillo-Designs has everything you’d need in a DIY and interior decoration blog. Tours, tips, hacks, and more. Our favorite aspect of it is the “How I Rent” section, which details more than just renter-friendly ideas. This section details steps to save money as a renter as well as some excellent ideas to make a rented space feel more like a home.

If you’re mostly there for the DIYs, be sure to look into the Upcycling section of the blog. The kitschy and clever uses for everyday items can make your next place feel more personable.

3. Actually Alli

This suggestion is cheating as Actually Alli now primarily runs a YouTube Channel, but still provides all the DIY content you could imagine. Her blog is still up, but you can still enjoy her back catalogue of content.

Our favorite aspect of her work is it primarily focuses on renter-friendly designs. Alli has her own personal tastes, but her designs are definitely flexible and can suit whatever aesthetic you design by swapping colors.

4. Young House Love

Young House Love has been up and active for 16 years. The couple behind it, John and Sherry, feature a ton of content to improve homes using DIY methods. They’re a great source for a do-it-yourselfer who wants to do anything from build and install shelving to adding crown molding.

5. Casa Watkins Living

Casa Watkins Living is a must-read for anyone who likes bright colors, maximalism, and boho styles. This blog has a little bit of everything in it: whether it’s DIY, decor tips, crafts for the kids, and making over existing furniture.

With sad beige and millennial grays making their way out of recent decor trends, Casa Watkins is ahead of the curve with its use of colorful accent walls and cheerful interiors for DIY and Home Decor blogs.

6. At Home with Ashley

Ashley Wilson’s blog At Home with Ashley is a spectacle. If you love the suburban picket-fence look with a heavy dose of pastel, you definitely want to look at Ashley’s blog.

Don’t let the cute aesthetic fool you, though. Ashley has great how-to guides, such as caring for quartz countertops and installing pavers. Even if you don’t think pink is right for you, you still can get plenty from her work. Plus, she has a ton of great visual content on her social media to check out.

A blue couch sits in the living room with a blue rug, a green armchair, plants, other decor, and blue wallpaper in the background. DIY and Decor blogs are a great way to find new ideas on how to redecorate certain rooms in your home.

7. The Painted Hive

The Painted Hive is a great blog that’s been around for about 13 years by Kristine Franklin. This DIY and Decor blog is a huge source of inspiration for anyone who loves vintage and farmhouse aesthetics.

She clearly loves giving her readers resources and printouts to help them get started.

Outside of just the designs and projects, we love the comment section she frequently responds to in the comments. (Remember those?) It’s always great to see off-the-cuff responses to people’s questions.

8. Monica Wants It

Monica Benavidez’s blog Monica Wants It, is truly in a league of its own when it comes to design aesthetics. Many of the design ideas are labeled as “French Inspired,” which gives credence to what we imagine is a fresh spin on a Rococo painting turned into interior design.

If you want a feast for the eyes, check out her Instagram. We could scroll through it for hours. If you’re a fan of thrifting and repainting furniture, she has many examples to get you inspired.

9. Design Milk

Design Milk is an interesting choice because they’re a design and art publisher with an interior design section. This gives it a much different perspective than a standard DIY and Decor blog because it highlights avant-garde and emerging trends before they’re even public knowledge.
While the website’s focus is more on the aesthetic and usable nature of furniture, it’s an amazing source of inspiration for interior decorating. You may be surprised about what catches your interest.

10. Man Made DIY

We don’t believe that DIY and Home Decor should be exclusive for any one gender, but we recognize that individual tastes and preferences can vary widely. Man Made DIY is perfect for anyone who loves a rugged and more masculine design aesthetic. It also has amazing articles on choosing the right tools that anyone looking to build their own furniture could appreciate.

It’s interesting, it’s practical, and it’s different than the other blogs we’ve shared, so we’re happy to feature it here in our list of DIY and Home Decor blogs.

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Once your moving tasks are finished, you can dive into inspiration from our curated list of 10 DIY and Home Decor blogs. These resources will help transform your new space into your preferred aesthetics.

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