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Help Moving Furniture: Find Reliable Moving Help

Posted: December 5, 2023
Two Moving Helpers prepare to carefully load a piece of furniture into a U-Box storage and moving container for a customer.

Whether living by yourself or living with others, you’ll probably have heavy furniture in your home. Unless you have the proper equipment or strength, most people don’t enjoy lifting heavy items themselves and want to avoid physical stress or injury. That’s why it’s important to find reliable moving labor when it comes to needing help moving furniture.

The Moving Help® Marketplace connects customers with independent, local moving labor providers who can help you with moving from one home to another home, moving furniture to another room within a home, or helping with home staging. Our Moving Helpers are affordable, reliable and safe.

Need Help Moving Furniture in Different Scenarios?

The three main scenarios where people will need with moving furniture are:

  1. Moving from your old home to your new home
  1. Furniture relocation within your home
  1. Home staging to sell your home

Moving Help can help with each scenario because each one comes with its own unique challenges and considerations.

Moving From Your Old Home to Your New Home

Whether you move from across the town, across the city, across the state, across the country, or across Canada, our Moving Help Service Providers can safely move your furniture and load it properly into your U-Haul truck rental or U-Box container.

To protect your furniture pieces, you should make sure you have:

When you arrive at your new home, your providers can unload and then help move furniture into your new home and place it where you need it.

Furniture Relocation Within Your Home

Sometimes you need to move furniture from one room to another room. Sometimes you want to rearrange the layout of the living room with the furniture already in the room.

By using moving labor Service Providers, you can avoid:

  • Damaging your furniture
  • Physical injury
  • Damaging your walls
  • The stress of moving furniture yourself
  • Damaging your floors

You can hire two helpers for two hours, which should give you more than enough time to move your furniture where you want it located in your room’s layout.

Home Staging to Sell Your Home

When trying to sell your home, it’s important to give a great presentation about your home. Presentation matters when it comes to prospective buyers because it helps them envision themselves living in this new space.

Our Services Providers can help you with home staging by:

  • Moving furniture quickly
  • Help moving furniture the day before or the day of the home staging
  • Position furniture in the exact positions you need

Benefits of Hiring Local Moving Labor

You can find several advantages of hiring local moving labor vs. full-service movers or another moving company. Several benefits include:

  • Cost-effectiveness 
  • Flexibility 
  • Personalized help 
  • Reliable 
  • Avoid heavy lifting 
  • Avoid physical injury 
  • Save time 
  • Not having to rely on friends or family 
  • Leaving the job to the professionals 
  • Make your moving job less stressful 

Another advantage of using the Moving Help Marketplace is how experienced our Marketplace and moving labor providers are:

  • Moving Help has been around since 2002.
  • We’ve completed more than 5 million completed jobs.
  • Moving Help has more than 2.5 million reviews.
  • We have a patented Payment Code system.

How to Find Reliable Moving Help

You can quickly find reliable, local Moving Helpers in your area on the Moving Help Marketplace. On, you must enter your details:

  1. Address location(s)
  1. The dates you need help
  1. Time of day you need help

The results page will immediately show you providers who can provide a solution to your problem when it comes to you needing help with moving furniture. 

In case you need more services, you’ll want to make sure you keep the loading/unloading service selected because in the notes of your order, you’ll explain you need help moving furniture, especially for rearranging furniture or home staging your furniture.

After reaching the results page, you can sort even more by having four choices:

  1. Overall rating
  1. Price – Low to High
  1. A-Z Provider List
  1. Z-A Provider List
Two Service Providers help moving furniture for a customer from her apartment to her U-Haul rental cargo van.

Some of our Moving Help Service Providers have hundreds to thousands of reviews. You’ll be able to read through each customer’s experiences with that specific provider that you’re considering helping you with moving furniture.

Want some added protection? Moving Help has affordable moving insurance called Safeload coverage.

Only top-performing Service Providers who meet certain criteria can offer Safeload. Safeload is offered in most U.S. states. You should get Safeload coverage because it provides you with an extra level of protection.

Cost Comparison to Traditional Moving Companies

You save money when using moving labor from the Moving Help Marketplace compared to traditional moving companies. For Moving Help, the medium cost for two helpers for two hours is $230.00.

Traditional movers can cost between $884 to $2,551 or more, and “the national average is $1,704,” according to Traditional movers cost up to $2,100 for a standard three-bedroom home, but prices could be between $200 to $17,000, according to

Because you only need help moving furniture, you don’t need all the services offered with traditional movers. For example, if you’re staging a home for potential buyers, moving labor providers are great for the moving job.

With Moving Help, you only pay for what you need. If you need help rearranging furniture, loading or unloading services, packing or unpacking services, or other moving services, you get to decide.

When you use labor-only providers, you’ll find it’s less expensive and more affordable.

Hire Moving Helpers to Help With Moving Furniture

The Moving Help Marketplace can help moving furniture at an affordable price. Our moving labor providers are reliable, cost-efficient, and flexible. They can help you with moving from your old home to your new home, furniture relocation within your home, and home staging to sell your home.

Customers receive multiple benefits when they hire local, moving labor providers from Moving Help. It’s easy to find local providers in your area. Book furniture moving assistance today with Moving Help.