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Hire Expert Piano Movers for a Seamless Move

Posted: August 16, 2023
Services Providers load an upright piano into a U-Haul truck rental.

Do you have a piano that needs to be moved to a different home? Does your piano need to be loaded from one home and unloaded to another home? Having a hard time finding piano movers you can rely on?

If the answer is yes, we have a solution for you called Moving Help. Moving Help is an online Marketplace that connects customers to professional moving labor.

By hiring professional piano moving labor providers, you’ll receive several benefits such as ensuring safety, preventing injury, and saving time, effort, and money. The labor-only providers on the Moving Help® Marketplace will make sure to move your piano safely and carefully without damaging your old or new home.

A hassle-free and efficient move is important for anyone on their moving journey. At Moving Help, we want to assist you as much as possible.

Finding Reliable Piano Movers

Rather than searching endlessly for reliable movers on the web, you can search for piano moving Service Providers on our Marketplace. Some providers have hundreds to thousands of real, unedited reviews from customers who shared their moving experiences with that specific moving labor provider.

You can read the “About Us” on each Moving Helper’s profile to learn more about the helper. Some helpers have years of experience with a successful track record.

How to Book a Piano Move in 5 Steps

Whether you just need help moving a piano or moving a piano along with unloading or loading help, Moving Help is here to assist you.

1. Go to and enter the address(es) and other details of where you need help with your piano. Click on the search button when you’re ready. 

2. Deselect the “Load/Unload” box under the “Hourly Services” section and select “Piano Moving” under the “Specialty Services.” When you’re ready, click on the apply button.

3. You’ll be able to see all the Service Providers who offer piano moving services in your area. You can sort by overall rating, lowest to highest price, or alphabetically.

Enter your information on to find piano movers near you.
Once you enter your information, deselect the Load/Unload option and select the Piano Moving option to find piano movers.

4. See a Moving Helper you’re interested in based on their price or another factor? Click on the “Customize & Book” button.

5. From here, you can read about the local provider, see your subtotal, and read reviews left by previous customers. If you’re happy with your selection of your local moving labor provider, fill out the rest of your information to finish the booking process.

If you find piano movers you’re interested in hiring, click on the Customize & Book button to read reviews and learn more about them.
After you find your piano movers to hire, finish the booking process to complete your order.

Why Hire Professional Piano Movers?

By hiring professionals, you avoid the risk of personal injury. You don’t have to rely on friends or family or risk them getting hurt as well.

Your local moving labor Service Providers will make sure to protect the piano from damage during the move — whether the move is to a new home, to another room, or to a room that’s up two flights of stairs.

Another aspect is how much time and effort you’ll save. You can focus your energy and time on other parts of your move that have to be done. You’ll utilize the experts, and they can use the moving equipment you rented or bring their specialized equipment.

It’s a cost-effective decision when you hire piano movers. While you’ll spend more upfront, it’ll be worth it if you can avoid costs against potential damage to your piano, home, or a person.

By having the right equipment, you can proficiently transport the piano without worrying about additional expenses.

Preparing for the Piano Move

Once you book your Moving Help order, your Service Provider will reach out to you within 48 hours. This will give you a great opportunity to communicate with your moving labor team.

You can provide accurate details about the move. For example, you can mention whether you have an upright piano, a grand piano, or another type of piano. You can explain where the piano is located in your home and where you want it to be moved — your truck rental or a different room. 

You can explain what rooms, doorways, and hallways they might have to pass when moving your piano. If you have a tight hallway or door frame, this is a great opportunity to mention it to your helpers. 

Finally, you can address any specific concerns about the piano, moving the piano, or any specific instructions you have for your Moving Helpers. This will be an opportunity for you to answer any questions the provider might have for you.

The next step will be to ensure the piano is ready before moving day. 

You might plan on securing loose parts and accessories prior to your Service Providers arriving at your home. You should make sure this is all done prior to them arriving for a smooth day. If your moving labor providers are handling the loose parts or accessories, make sure they have everything needed to get the job done.

You can protect the piano with moving blankets, which you can rent from U-Haul. This will help pad and protect your piano during the handling and transportation of your musical instrument. 

Supervising the Move and Aftercare

While your professional Service Providers will take care of the piano job, you or someone you trust needs to be onsite during the move. Your Moving Helpers might need your assistance with logistics or access to your home. They’ll want to make sure everyone is on the same page before they move your piano.

Other than that, you can sit back and relax while your piano moving labor team carefully and safely move your piano in an efficient manner.

Once your piano is situated in its new location, you’ll want to consider two factors. 

The first factor to consider is when to tune piano after the move. The average recommended time to wait to tune a piano is about three weeks, but most experts agree you could wait anywhere from two to eight weeks. 

The second factor to consider is piano maintenance tips for the new location. You’ll need to be aware of the piano’s surrounding environmental factors to make sure you’re keeping it properly maintained, so the piano has a longer lifespan. 

Book Piano Movers Today

You reap multiple benefits when hiring affordable, professional moving labor from Moving Help. These benefits include ensuring safety, preventing injury, saving time and energy, being cost-effective, and finding reliable helpers.

If you want to make your next move hassle-free and safe, hire local moving labor Service Providers from the Moving Help Marketplace to make it happen.