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How to Hire Piano Movers From Moving Help

Posted: June 21, 2022
Movers loading upright piano into a U-Haul truck rental.

You’ve decided to use Moving Help® for your next move to help you load and unload your items. You also have a piano that needs to be moved out of your home as well. Are you unsure how to make your piano order correctly? We can help guide you on how to hire piano movers from Moving Help. 

Let’s also say you want your piano moved into another room in your home instead of being loaded and unloaded onto a truck. You know you’ll need some help but can’t find a time that’ll work to have friends or family members help you. Moving Help can assist you with this problem as well. 

When You Are Moving Homes and Have a Piano

You’ll start by going to You’ll type in your loading address and your unloading address, the time of day, and the date you need help with moving. Once you hit the search button, you’ll want to go to the Sort & Filter box and find Piano Moving under Specialty Services. 

Afterward, you’ll find the right Moving Help piano movers that fit your budget to go along with the load and unload service, and any other services you might need that the Service Provider offers to customers. 

Then, you’ll fill out the rest of the information, complete your transaction, and you’ll be good to go. 

When You Just Need Your Piano Moved

You’ll start by going to You’ll type in all the necessary information and use the Sort & Filter box. Instead of clicking the load and unload service to go along with your piano moving service, you’d just select piano moving service. You’ll fill out any remaining information. 

Once your Moving Help piano movers contact you, you can inform them that you are planning to move your piano from one room to another room. While you’re on the phone with your Service Provider, you’ll also want to share details about whether you’re moving an upright piano vs. a grand piano, any stairs involved, any doorways involved, any tight corners or hallways, and the distance of how far they’ll move the piano. 

How to Hire Piano Movers

If you need help moving a piano, and loading and unloading your items, you’ll need to book both services. You’ll have two options on how to book it. 

Option 1. 

You’ll type in your address and then hit the search button. On the left side of the panel, you can select the Unload/Load Service and the Piano Service. After checking both boxes, you can hit search and see which Service Providers offer both services. The total cost of both services will be included. Then you can choose your Service Provider. 

Option 2. 

You’ll type in your address and then hit the search button. Then you can find a Service Provider and see whether they offer a piano move as well. Once you find a Service Provider you like who also offers a piano service, you can select the check box for the piano service. Then you’ll see the total price of the load and unload service and the piano service. 

Moving Help Can Help You Move Any Piano

Moving Help has plenty of piano movers on the Marketplace who can help you with your next piano move. Whether you’re needing piano movers to help you move a piano from one home to another, or if you just need piano movers to move your piano from room to room.