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How to Move an Upright Piano

Posted: August 23, 2023
A Moving Helper talks to a customer next to a wrapped upright piano.

Pianos are tricky items when it comes to moving. That’s why Service Providers on the Moving Help® Marketplace consider them a specialty item because they need special care when moving such a delicate and fragile item.

While you can move an upright piano on your own, you should let the piano moving labor providers who are experts in moving different pianos take care of the job for you. You may spend a few extra dollars, but it’ll be worth it in the long run to avoid damaging your upright piano on your own.

What Supplies Do I Need to Move a Piano Myself?

While it’s recommended piano movers begin and finish the process of moving a piano, you can do it yourself for whatever reason. It won’t be easy, but it’s possible. You’ll need some specific supplies to move your piano safely.

You also want at least four or five people to help you move a piano. Two people can go on each side of the piano and the final one or two people can direct them safely.

How Do I Disassemble and Move an Upright Piano?

For an upright piano, you’ll want to cover the pedals and piano keys with bubble wrap and then tape the bubble wrap to protect them from being damaged. When you close the piano lid, cover it with a moving blanket and secure it with tape. 

Then you’ll cover the entire piano with moving blankets and tape it securely all the way around. If you’re using straps, you can now put them on the piano. Have one or two people on each side lift the piano while another person slides the piano dolly underneath it.

You can take your time to move it out of the house and onto the moving truck because you won’t want to damage any walls or the piano.

When loading the piano into the truck, make sure you use piano tie down straps to safely secure it. You’ll repeat the same process for unloading it in your new home.

After you’re settled into your home, you’ll want to get your piano tuned.

Why Is Using Moving Help Service Providers My Best Option?

Despite the best plan, tools, supplies, friends, family members, watching other piano movers’ videos on how to disassemble a piano, and how to move a piano, you could still have trouble. 

Unless you have experience moving a piano, it won’t be an easy task. The last problem you want is replacing or fixing your piano because you damaged it yourself while moving it because you tried to save a few extra dollars. 

Luckily for customers, Moving Help has plenty of Service Providers who are expert piano moving laborers. Even better, you can find Service Providers who will move your piano for an affordable price.

What Other Safety Tips Should I Keep in Mind?

You’ll want to measure your piano, doorways, hallways, and stairs. You’ll need to map out the best route of how you want to get your upright piano from its room to your truck rental, and then back into the space of your new home.

You may have to take the hinges off certain doorways to get the piano to fit all the way through the door. You should avoid as many stairs as possible. If you foresee any tight areas and corners, make sure to take note of that now so you’re aware of it during moving day.

If you have tight corners, you should tape blankets around the corners or tape cardboard on the walls. To avoid scratching your floors, you should lay down and tape moving pads or blankets for the walkway when moving a piano.

You should make sure pets and children are out the way when moving a piano. An adult — who’s not involved with the piano moving process — should supervise any children or pets. You also can schedule a play date for your child at a friend’s house.

Pets should be put in crates or in a closed room where you won’t enter when moving a piano.

Moving Help Moves Other Heavy Items

Many Service Providers on the Moving Help Marketplace can take care of your other heavy items. Whether you need them to move a grand piano, a gun safe, or a washer and dryer, they’ll be here to help you.

Moving Help Can Move Your Upright Piano 

Whether you’re comfortable or not in moving your upright piano, let the Moving Help piano providers take care of it for you. You have enough to worry about during moving day and making sure you’re not damaging your upright piano or injuring a friend or family member shouldn’t be something on your mind.

The Moving Help Marketplace has many Service Providers who offer specialty piano moving services. This will keep your mind at peace and your budget happy.