Atlanta’s downtown can be seen as the sun begins to set in the background.

Atlanta Movers

While Atlanta movers can make your move less stressful, you can find labor-only moving providers on the Moving Help® Marketplace that can get the job done in a faster and more efficient way. On our Marketplace, we have multiple services to help you.

Moving Services in Atlanta

You can find a variety of services at Moving Help to help you with your move such as:

You get to choose what services you need for your personalized move. You can decide on whether having cleaning help is most important to you, or maybe you want loading and unloading help, or maybe you want packing and unpacking help.

Atlanta movers are great at helping pack a customer’s belongings. Our labor-only Service Providers on our Marketplace can help you pack your belongings as well. Labor-only providers are better because they’ll be less expensive, you’ll avoid physical stress, and avoid injuring yourself.

One of the main differences between Moving Help and other full-service companies is we don’t drive your truck rental. The advantage of this is you don’t have to worry about where your possessions might be between your old and new homes.

Ultimately, you get to decide on where you need help with your move when you choose Moving Help Service Providers.

How It Works  

You can use Moving Help for your move to or away from Atlanta. Whether you have a short-distance or long-distance move, Moving Help is here to assist you.

Step 1

Go to and enter the location(s) where you need help. You’ll also select the start time and service date you need help.

Step 2

You can choose moving labor near you. You can sort and filter Moving Helpers near you, and you can select additional services you might need for your move.

Step 3

You’ll pick the Service Providers you want and fill out some basic information.

Step 4

After selecting your labor-only providers for your first destination, you’ll select some more moving labor near you for your second destination. You can pick the same labor-only providers as your first destination, or you can pick a different provider.

Step 5

You’ll pick the Moving Help services you want and fill out some basic information once again. Then, you’ll go to the billing screen and checkout to confirm your order.

Why Choose Moving Help?

Moving Help is an online marketplace that connects customers with local Service providers near you. We’re also powered by U-Haul.

Moving Help gives you control over your move, so you can decide what you need help with your individual move.

Some Atlanta movers might not have affordable prices. At Moving Help, our labor-only Service Providers offer affordable prices that won’t break your moving budget or needs.

3 Atlanta Restaurants

Once you’re done moving to Atlanta, you can check out some Atlanta restaurants. Whether you’re looking for casual dining or fine dining, Atlanta has plenty of options to cover your stomach cravings.

An older couple sits by a U-Box storage container as a Moving Helper in the background brings moving boxes on a dolly into the container.

1. Mary’s Mac Tea Room

Mary’s Mac Tea Room is located in Midtown where you can always find plenty of sweet tea. They serve green tomatoes, fried chicken, seafood, Georgia peach cobblers, and more. The restaurant opened its doors in 1945, according to the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau.

2. Paschal’s

Paschal’s is located in Castleberry Hill. Paschal’s is known for its fried chicken. They serve other classics like mac and cheese, pulled pork sandwiches, and an award-winning peach cobbler.

The restaurant opened its doors in 1947, and it was a meeting place for civil rights figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., Andrew Young, Maynard Jackson, and more.

3. The Sun Dial Restaurant, Bar and View

At the top of the Westin Peachtree Plaza, you’ll find the Sun Dial, Restaurant, Bar and View, which has amazing views of Atlanta’s downtown skyline. The Sun Dial Restaurant, Bar and View serves steak, fish, lamb chops, oysters, and more.

With breathtaking views, brunch, and contemporary selections, it’s considered one of the most romantic restaurants in the city.

How to Get a Driver’s License in Georgia  

If you’re moving from a different state to Atlanta, you’re probably trying to figure out what you need to do to get your driver’s license. Well, we’ll list out some requirements, documents needed, and what to expect for your visit for the Georgia Department of Driving Services. If you don’t meet the requirements below, visit the Georgia Department of Driving Services to see whether you still qualify.


  • You must be at least 17 or 18 years old with an equivalent Class C driver’s license. 
  • You have to visit a DDS Customer Service Center. 

If your out-of-state driver’s license is valid and isn’t expired for more than two years, then you need to do the following:

  • Surrender your current license
  • Take and pass a vision exam
  • Won’t be required to take a written knowledge test and road test


You should bring the following documents for your visit to the DDS Customer Service Center.

  • Present documentation showing your identity, residential address, U.S. citizenship
  • Your full Social Security Number must be provided on the required online License/ID/Permit Form
  • Your out-of-state driver’s license

It should be noted all documents need to be in English.

In-Person Visit  

Your visit will be in person, and you should be prepared for the following tasks:

  • Social Security Number will be verified
  • Take a photo
  • Pay fees

For more information or to learn more about the requirements, documents, and in-person visit, check out the Georgia Department of Driving Services’ website.

Moving Help Atlanta Reviews

We’ve been helping serve customers since 2002. Because of that, we have more than 2.5 million reviews on our site that customers can read through for each local Service Provider. Check out what other people are saying about our Moving Helpers and why they’re better than other Atlanta moving companies.

Hire Moving Help in Atlanta

Whether you’re moving from out of the state or have an in-town move in Atlanta, Moving Help has you covered to find better local Service Providers than other Atlanta moving companies.

Our Moving Helpers offer many moving services to fit your needs. Because the Moving Help Marketplace has affordable labor-only providers, you won’t have to search anywhere else for an Atlanta moving company.