The city of Jacksonville can be seen as the sun begins to set in the background.

Finding Jacksonville Movers Near You

Jacksonville has many sunny beaches, easy access to the waters, fun activities for the whole family, and a great arts and culture scene. The Moving Help® Marketplace can connect you with professional, reliable Service Providers to get your move done efficiently. Jacksonville movers can get expensive quickly when searching for movers on your own.

Why do all that unnecessary work on your own? Our online Marketplace can find you affordable moving labor while meeting all your moving needs. Find moving labor with Moving Help today.

Who Is Moving Help?

Moving Help is an online Marketplace that connects customers with Service Providers who can assist them with their labor-only moving needs. You can find providers who can complete the services you need and at a price you can afford in your moving budget. You can determine them based on reading real, unedited reviews from other customers. This also will allow you to not have to rely on friends or family.

Moving Help is a sister company of U-Haul. Therefore, Moving Help is powered by U-Haul. This is why it’s an even easier choice to pair U-Haul and Moving Help together. You also can pair Moving Help services without needing to use U-Haul.

What Services Does Moving Help Offer?

Moving Help offers hourly services and specialty services for customers. Check out the services below.

Some Jacksonville movers might offer loading or unloading services but not packing or unpacking services. You’ll be sure to find providers who offer both services in that scenario with Moving Help.

How Much Do Moving Companies in Jacksonville Cost?

Full-service Jacksonville moving companies can do all the work for you, but it’s going to cost you a pretty penny and end up being quite expensive. By providing labor-only providers, the Moving Help Marketplace can find quality Service Providers while making sure they fit within customers’ budgets.

Check out the chart below to see how much two helpers for two hours will cost you in Jacksonville.

*Prices may fluctuate because of a variety of reasons (Ex. Time of year, day of the week, summer months, location, number of Service Providers in the area, etc.)

3 Activities to Experience in Jacksonville

Because you used Moving Help for your move, you’ll get done with the moving process much sooner. You can get out of your home and experience these three activities.

1. Visit Jacksonville’s art and culture scene

Jacksonville has plenty of art, music, and culture spaces throughout the city. You can check out the Jacksonville Symphony, Jacksonville Jazz Festival, or one of the city’s museums such as Durkeeville Historical Society.

2. Take a dip with Jacksonville’s beaches and waterways

Jacksonville has “1,100 miles of navigable water, Jax has more shoreline than any other city in the nation,” according to This means plenty of beach time for yourself, friends, family, or all the above. You can enjoy the warm waters, build sandcastles, go shopping nearby, or enjoy beachside restaurants.

A woman stands in the water next to her paddleboard on one of Jacksonville’s beaches as the sun begins to set. Jacksonville has more shoreline than any other city in the nation along with 1,100 miles of navigable water.

3. Have family fun in Jacksonville

Do you have a family? Need to find activities that’ll work for the whole family? Jacksonville offers water activities, tours, outdoor activities, attractions, museums, shopping, and sports for the whole family to enjoy.

How Does Moving Help Work?

owntown Jacksonville can be seen in this evening aerial shot of the city.

You can use Moving Help to book a short-distance move or to book a long-distance move.

If you move a short distance, you might be able to use the same Service Provider for both locations as long as the provider covers both areas. Otherwise, you can use two moving labor providers for both locations.

For a long-distance move, you will need a different Moving Helper for both locations. Luckily, Moving Help has providers across the United States and in Canada.

You’ll be sure to find someone who can assist you with your needs.

How to Book a Moving Help Order

You can choose to hire moving labor for your U-Haul truck rental, hire moving labor for your U-Box storage container, or hire moving labor with whatever way you’re transporting your belongings.

We have 5 steps to help guide you on how to complete the booking process.

Step 1: Enter Your Move’s Details

Go to and enter your first address and the time and date you need help with your move. If needed, enter your second address and the time and date you need help as well and then hit the “Search” button.

Step 2: Filter and Apply What Services You Need

You’ll see the next page has sort and filter options for hourly services and specialty services. If you need some hourly services and/or specialty services, apply the corresponding checkboxes, so Moving Help can recommend the best local labor providers in Jacksonville to fit your needs.

Step 3: Read Through the Reviews

You can read through hundreds to thousands of reviews for each provider to find the one you like the most. While reading the reviews, you’ll know what each provider costs as well. You’ll then select your local moving labor team based on the reviews, your budget, and your needs.

Step 4: Repeat the Process

If needed, you’ll “Continue to Location 2” and select your Moving Helpers for your second address. You follow the same process as you did for Location 1.

Step 5: Enter Remaining Details and Payment Info

You should leave notes for your Service Provider about anything you think they should know for your specific move. For example, you can let them know your home has stairs. Of course, your labor-only providers will reach out to you for any additional details they need for your move. Enter your payment and billing information and hit the “Confirm Order” button.

Read Jacksonville Moving Help Reviews

Moving Help has more than 2.5 million reviews with some Jacksonville moving labor providers having hundreds to thousands of reviews from personal experiences of other customers just like you.

Jacksonville moving companies might not be able to compete with the number of reviews as our Jacksonville Service Providers.

Hire Jacksonville Moving Labor Now

Moving Help is your one-stop shop to find Service Providers to assist you with your labor-only needs. Our Moving Helpers are:

  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Affordable

When you use the Moving Help Marketplace, you’ll get to experience your new home and city that much sooner.