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Hire Labor for Your U-Box® Storage Container

Posted: August 16, 2023
Moving Help Service Providers load a customer's belongings into a U-Box storage container.

Moving Help® is an online Marketplace powered by U-Haul that can connect you to labor-only Service Providers near you ready to help load, unload, deliver, and pick up your U-Box® storage container(s).

How Moving Help® Can Make Your Move Easier

Moving Help providers can help you move with a storage container. If you’re moving from the United States to Canada, Service Providers can help you prepare to move to Canada or another country. You also can find out how many U-Box Storage Containers you need.

If you’re loading the U-Box container yourself, check out these U-Box container tips. You can have realistic delivery expectations by understanding how moving labor providers deliver U-Box containers to you.

Moving Help U-Box Container Services

U-Box Load/Unload

  • A Moving Help crew will meet you at your desired location to load or unload your U-Box containers for you. This service will require you to arrange the delivery and return of your U-Box containers.

U-Box Delivery Only

  • A Moving Helper will drop off your U-Box storage containers at your home and then return to pick them up once you have taken care of loading or unloading them at your own pace.

U-Box Delivery With Load/Unload

  • A moving labor team will deliver your U-Box storage containers to your preferred location, load or unload them, then return them to their respective U-Haul center.

How to Add Moving Help

1. Visit the Moving Help homepage and toggle to the Moving Help® + U-Box® tab found in the search form.

2. Enter the order number for the U-Box reservation you would like to add Moving Help to and click “Get Started.”

3. Select your service type and add any additional services you may need to start your search.

4. Sort through the available providers until you find one to your liking.

5. Select a provider, select your services, and provide the details of your move.

6. Add your order to your cart and then check out.