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Can I Hire Movers for a Storage Unit?

Posted: September 14, 2023
Two Moving Help Service Providers load items into a truck from a storage unit.

Whether you need extra room or planning to use your belongings at your new home, it can be difficult loading or unloading your items in a storage unit by yourself. You need to maximize your storage unit’s space but still get to everything you own.

It’d also be nice to have an extra set of hands helping you.

With the Moving Help® Marketplace, you can find labor-only Service Providers who have experience as a storage unit moving labor crew. Find skilled moving labor crews from our Marketplace to help optimize your storage space while keeping you in control of your move and save money compared to other movers.

Can I Use Moving Help for Any Storage Unit?

Yes, you can hire Moving Help storage unit moving labor crews for any type of storage unit. Your storage unit doesn’t have to be with U-Haul.

Finding the Right Crew

With Moving Help and U-Haul though, you can find a storage unit and storage unit providers all in one spot. U-Haul has plenty of self-storage units, and Moving Help has many storage units Service Providers nearby to help you with your storage unit.

Assistance for Military Personnel

If you’re in the military and you need to put your items into a storage unit before your deployment, Moving Help Service Providers can assist you.

Why Should I Use Moving Help for My Storage Unit Needs?

You can use Moving Help storage unit helpers to help you because Moving Help storage unit Service Providers have many tools to help you. You can get a larger crew for fewer hours to help you, or you can hire a smaller crew for multiple hours.

Rather than packing a storage unit yourself, you can hire our storage unit helpers to help you load your items into a storage unit. You also can have storage unit providers unload your belongings from a storage unit and into a truck.

Packing and Unpacking Services

Additionally, some Moving Help storage unit Service Providers offer packing services. You can hire them to help you pack your items. You also have the option to hire them to help you pack your belongings and then help you load them into your storage unit. 

Other Moving Help Services for Your Storage Unit

The final two services Moving Help storage unit Service Providers could potentially offer you are cleaning services and U-Box storage container services.

Cleaning Services

Since you’ll have to clean out your storage unit after emptying it, it’d be helpful to find storage unit providers who offer cleaning services, and you can find them on the Moving Help Marketplace. If your storage unit isn’t clean when moving your belongings into it, you can hire Moving Helpers to help you clean the storage unit before unloading your items into the storage unit.

U-Box Container Services

If you’re unloading your items out of a U-Box container at a U-Haul location where they also offer self-storage units, and you’re taking your belongings straight to a storage unit, you could have storage unit helpers assist you complete the whole process.

If you’re loading your belongings into a U-Box storage container at a U-Haul location, you could have storage unit Service Providers help you load your items into the U-Box container. You also have the choice of unloading your belongings out of your storage unit and putting them into a U-Box storage container.

Optimize Your Storage Unit Space With Moving Help

Whatever your storage unit needs are, our storage unit moving labor crew are here to help you. They can help you with packing a storage unit, loading or unloading a storage unit, cleaning a storage unit, or transferring your belongings from a storage unit into a storage container.

Whether your storage unit is with U-Haul or not, the Moving Help Marketplace has labor-only Service Provider who can still assist you with all your storage unit needs.