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Can I Book Movers the Same Day?

Posted: August 16, 2023
Two customers relax with their dog as a Moving Helper pushes a dolly that’s holding a dresser.

While it’s always ideal to book moving labor months or weeks in advance, sometimes life throws an unexpected curveball at you. If you need to hire reputable moving labor providers for same day moving, Moving Help® can assist you.

The Moving Help Marketplace has many Service Providers who offer same day moving services while giving you security knowing you hired trustworthy help.

Moving Help Lets You Book Movers the Same Day

Moving Help offers same day moving for customers looking to move on the day they book services. Customers can go to the Moving Help Marketplace and find plenty of Service Providers who can help customers with same day moving services.

Not every provider offers same day moving services, so for the Moving Helpers who don’t offer those services, they’ll be filtered out when customers search for them.

Moving Help provides customers with the convenience of having last-minute moving labor teams available all in one place.

Why Choose the Moving Help Marketplace?

You could call last-minute movers after last-minute movers after last-minute movers on your own time and maybe find the most competitive price.

Why do all that work on your own though? The Moving Help Marketplace does the work for you, and we’ll make sure you find the best and most competitive prices that fit your budget.

While same day moving is typically more expensive than booking a move one to two months in advance, Moving Help Service Providers price themselves to be competitive with one another.

You’ll get a great price without last-minute helpers destroying your budget.

2 Tips for Same Day Moving

While you’re typically going to pay a higher price for same day moving, you can avoid some ways to make the higher price a little lower than usual.

  • One tip is to book same day moving during the week between Monday through Thursday with last-minute helpers. Service Providers are busier Friday through Sunday so try to avoid booking them during that time frame.
  • Another tip is to avoid same day moving during the summer months with last-minute moving labor providers. Of course, this one is tougher if you’re trying to do same day moving.

If I’m Doing Same-Day Moving, Do I Need to Be Prepared?

Yes, you should still be prepared when you hire providers the same day. You’ll want to make sure your truck rental and the necessary moving equipment is rented. Most importantly, you should have your belongings packed.

It’ll take longer to complete a same day moving job if you’re not prepared. This will require your Moving Helpers to take more time to finish the job, which will cost you more money since you weren’t prepared.

Your packing should be completed, or you’ll need to find Moving Help Service Providers on the Moving Help Marketplace who offer same day moving services along with packing services.

Book Movers the Same Day Today

You can book last-minute moving labor providers on the Moving Help Marketplace. Moving Help has many Service Providers who can get your same day moving job done in a timely manner.

With many providers offering same day moving prices, you’ll also know you got a competitive price for your same day moving job.