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How to Hire Same-Day Movers

Posted: July 16, 2024
Two Moving Help Service Providers move items for an older couple during a same-day move.

Moving often comes with unexpected challenges, and sometimes you find yourself in a time crunch, urgently needing assistance from same-day movers. Whether it’s a sudden change of moving plans, a last-minute mover, friends or family members bailed on you, you procrastinated on packing, the need for reliable help is real.

No matter what your situation is, Moving Help® — your future reliable moving partner — is here to assist you with expert moving labor.

 Our online Marketplace at Moving Help connects customers to many professional moving labor providers who specialize in addressing urgent moving needs. Our labor-only Service Providers are ready to tackle any unforeseen moving challenge for you.

How to Hire Same-Day Movers With Moving Help

To find your same day moving labor, go to Enter today’s date and the loading and/or unloading addresses, along with the start times. After the page loads, you’ll see many Moving Helpers near you. You can filter the providers even more to fit your moving needs.

Once you read the moving companies’ reviews and find the movers near you that you like best, you can book your same-day movers.

Why Book Same-Day Movers With Moving Help?

You should book a same day moving labor team with Moving Help because Moving Help offers upfront prices with all moves on our Marketplace. The price you see is the price you pay for same day moving labor with no hidden or extra fees.

Moving Helpers near you can offer a variety of services such as loading and loading, packing and unpacking, cleaning, piano moving services, gun safe moving, and U-Box container services.

Some helpers also offer Safeload® coverage, which is an added benefit for a customer’s piece of mind.

If you had friends or family members who bailed on you the day of your move, you’ll know you can get covered with high-quality moving labor crew.

You can tell your Service Providers how many moving boxes you have for your move, and they can pack any size of U-Haul truck rentals you need.

Best Days for a Same-Day Move

You probably won’t have a choice for your same-day move, but if you do have some flexibility on the day you move, here are some tips for you when it comes to hourly moving labor.

  • Try to move Monday through Thursday to find the most available moving labor providers near you
  • Friday through Sunday are Service Providers’ busier days
  • Try not to move during the holidays 
  • Avoid moving during the summer 

Of course, most customers moving most likely have little control over these factors, but if you do, take advantage of these tips. 

Find Your Same-Day Movers

Whether you need same day moving labor to help with packing, cleaning, loading, or unloading, Moving Help has many Service Providers on our Marketplace ready to assist you. You’ll be sure to find high-quality helpers near you today that also fit your budget and needs.