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When to Book Movers

Posted: August 15, 2023
A Service Provider begins to bring in moving boxes that are being unloaded from a customer’s truck.

When to book movers is a question that looms large when planning a move. Ensuring you secure reliable assistance at the right time can make all the difference.

Ideally, aim to secure your movers about two months before your scheduled move. In a worst-case scenario, four weeks prior should suffice, but for the best outcome, start your search two to three months ahead. Planning in advance provides you with a broader selection of choices but also leading to more favorable prices.

Finding an excellent moving partner can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. Welcome to the Moving Help® Marketplace. Our online Marketplace connects customers with local moving labor that’ll fit any moving time frame. If you’re ready to hire labor-only Service Providers four months in advance or four days before your moving date, we can find Moving Helpers for you.

When to Book Movers in Advance 

The earlier you book the providers then the better it’ll be for your moving budget. Movers typically will have higher prices for their services if you book closer to your moving date. To secure the best prices and availability, it’s recommended to book movers in advance. Consider the following timeframes:

  • 12 weeks or more in advance

Booking 12 weeks or more in advance allows for a wider selection of available local moving labor providers and better pricing because of higher availability.

  • 8-12 weeks in advance

Booking 8-12 weeks in advance allows you to find a balance between availability and cost for local moving labor.

  • No later than 4 weeks in advance

Booking no later than 4 weeks in advance will ensure providers are still available without breaking your budget.

When you’re planning to book your helpers, you also should consider your arrangements for how you’ll transport your belongings. You could rent a U-Haul truck rental or U-Box storage containers, which our Service Providers are experts in loading and unloading efficiently. This will give you peace of mind knowing your items are in great hands.

The Moving Help Marketplace is equipped to handle last-minute emergencies, so if life throws an unexpected curveball at you, you’ll know you can trust and rely on our helpers for last-minute moves. Additionally, many of our local Service Providers offer same-day services at an additional cost.

Benefits of Booking Movers in Advance

  • Better prices

When booking at least eight weeks in advance, you’ll often see better prices from local Service Providers. Moving companies will start to increase their prices as it gets closer to your moving date. To avoid higher cost than expected, book your movers early.

  • Better selection

Movers will be busier during the weekend and the summer months. When you choose to book in advance, you’ll find a better selection of movers. You’ll get to choose the best local Moving Helpers for your move.

With more than 2.5 million reviews, you can take your time reading each mover who might have hundreds to thousands of reviews from customers just like you.

Two movers carefully move a furniture piece to a customer’s rental truck during their loading process.
  • More flexibility

You’ll receive more flexibility for your move when you book in advance. If you’re late in reserving movers, you might miss out on other opportunities. By scheduling early, you’ll get the moving time and date you prefer. By booking your movers ahead of time, they might be able to stay longer than expected if your move takes longer than originally booked.

3 Key Factors to Consider When Hiring Movers

1. Timing: Most people choose to move during the summer months vs. the winter months. We recommend booking your local moving labor providers three months in advance. If you wait until four weeks before your moving day, your options will be limited because of high demand.

2. Multiple locations: If you relocate to a new city or state, it may require hiring Service Providers at both your loading and unloading destinations. Check on to find out if your chosen local helpers provide services in both locations. Our platform makes it easy to find reliable local providers who cover multiple cities.

3. Size of the move: The size of your move can determine the amount of time and movers required to get the job completed. For example, moving your 1-bedroom apartment will be faster to relocate than moving your four-bedroom home. You want to make sure you hired enough helpers, time, or both, to handle your move effectively. Learn how to save when you use Moving Help before booking Moving Helpers. Learn how to add hours to your Moving Help move in case you find yourself in the middle of your move and need additional time. This way, you’ll be prepared if your Service Providers can stay longer to accommodate your needs.

When keeping these considerations in mind, you’ll be prepared on what to expect when booking movers. To be even more prepared for your local providers, see what moving equipment you might need for labor-only Service Providers.

Secure Your Movers in Advance for a Smooth Move 

To ensure you have a stress-free move, you should book professional local movers at least two months in advance. By getting this task done early, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Better prices: You can ensure you get the best value for your money by booking in advance.
  • Wider selection: When booking early, you’ll have wider availability for reliable and trustworthy moving companies who’ll meet your needs for your move.
  • Flexible scheduling: You’ll have more options for selecting your preferred start time and date when you reserve your moving company ahead of time, which can create a seamless transition to your new home.

Do not wait until the last minute, especially during the summer months because it’ll potentially create more stress for you. The Moving Help Marketplace features a wide selection of trusted. local moving labor Service Providers who can assist you no matter how soon you move. Take the first step toward a hassle-free move by booking professional Moving Helpers today.