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How Soon Should I Hire Movers?

Posted: October 4, 2022
Mover lifting a box inside of a customer's apartment.

You should try to hire movers two months before your moving date. The latest you want to hire movers is one month before your move. The best movers are hired months in advance, so try booking as soon as possible. 

How Far in Advance to Book Movers? 

If you plan on hiring movers, you’ll want to try to book your movers two months in advance. This isn’t a set-in stone rule, and it’s great to hire movers as early as three months before your moving date. The latest you would want to wait is one month before your moving date. 

Of course, life happens and maybe you find out that you need to move out of your home in less than four weeks or the same day you find out. Luckily, Moving Help® has many movers available to assist you with your needs and budget. 

With Moving Help, you can hire movers the day before your move, but prices can spike. Therefore, we recommend booking in advance, but you can always find movers on our Marketplace the day before your move if it’s a last-minute move. 

Why Is It Better to Hire Movers in Advance? 

Better Prices

The farther out from your moving date you hire movers, then the better prices you’ll see when booking. Movers typically increase their rates as your moving date gets closer.

Better Selection

A mover’s schedule can book up pretty quickly, especially during the busy summer months. If you want to compare prices with as many movers as possible, booking in advance will benefit you. 

Moving Help has upfront pricing, so the price you see is the price you pay. Additionally, Moving Help has more than 2.3 million reviews, so you can take your time reviewing each mover when hiring movers in advance. 

More Flexibility

If the start time and date is important to you, you’ll want to hire movers early. This way, you won’t get stuck moving on a day of the week that isn’t ideal for you. If you specifically want to book on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, make sure you book as early as possible. If you hire movers late, you might get stuck moving on a Wednesday because of the mover’s schedule. 

Moving can be stressful, and it doesn’t help if you wait until the last minute. Get the task of hiring movers out of the way now. 

Other Factors When Hiring Movers

Most people move during the summer months vs. the winter months, so you’ll want to keep this factor in mind. 

If you hire movers during the summer months, try booking three months out because if you wait until four weeks out from your moving day, you might not have as many options. 

If you’re moving to a new city or a new state, you might have to hire two movers — one at your loading destination and one at your unloading destination. Some movers might cover two cities, and when you hire movers from, you can find out whether they cover your two address locations. 

Finally, the size of your move could require more time or more movers to help you move. It’s faster to move someone living in a 1-bedroom apartment vs. a four-bedroom home. You’ll want to make sure you a crew who have enough help and time in their schedule to get you moved properly. 

Hire Your Movers Now 

The best time to hire movers in advance is two months. You’ll see better prices, a wider selection of potential movers, more choices on your start time and date, and you’ll have less stress by hiring movers early. Of course, the sooner you know you’re hiring movers the better it’ll be for you, especially if you plan on moving during the summer months. 

Moving Help has many movers on the Moving Help Marketplace who are ready to book no matter how soon you are moving.