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What Does Safeload® Coverage Include?

Posted: July 16, 2024
A moving laborer talks to a customer, who has Safeload coverage, while other moving laborers close truck.

When trying to figure out what’s covered for moving insurance and what’s not covered for moving insurance, it can sometimes be confusing. Moving insurance can be difficult, but luckily, our Moving Help® Safeload® coverage isn’t confusing in how it works. Check out our guide on what’s included in the coverage and how much it’ll cost you. 

What Is Safeload?

Safeload is a coverage option available to purchase when using a top-performing Moving Help Service Provider. Safeload has various coverage limits, so customers can find the right moving insurance coverage for them for their upcoming move.  

What’s Covered Under Safeload?

  • Personal property (cargo) during the loading and unloading process 
  • Improper handling of personal property while being moved 
  • Low $100 deductible 
  • Subject to exclusions 

How Much Does Safeload Coverage Cost?

This is probably most customers’ No. 1 question when it comes to moving insurance coverage. With Safeload, you get to decide the levels of coverage you need. 

Below are the levels of coverage that Moving Help’s Safeload coverage offers along with what you’ll pay for each coverage option. 

  • No coverage
  • You pay $4 for $500 worth of Safeload Coverage
  • You pay $5 for $1,000 worth of Safeload Coverage
  • You pay $6 for $1,500 worth of Safeload Coverage
  • You pay $7 for $2,000 worth of Safeload Coverage
  • You pay $9 for $2,500 worth of Safeload Coverage
  • You pay $11 for $3,000 worth of Safeload Coverage
  • You pay $14 for $3,500 worth of Safeload Coverage
  • You pay $17 for $4,000 worth of Safeload Coverage
  • You pay $19 for $4,500 worth of Safeload Coverage
  • You pay $22 for $5,000 worth of Safeload Coverage

Why Get Safeload?

Despite everyone — from the customer to the Service Provider — wanting a stress-free move, accidents sometimes happen even with the best pros. 

Safeload coverage is a great way to get some added protection, especially when you have some fragile or sentimental items to move. You can get Safeload during the reservation process by sorting and filtering the Service Providers who only offer Safeload. 

Moving Help Service Providers must meet a specific high-performance criteria before they’re eligible to offer Safeload coverage. 

You Get the Choice to Decide

The best part is you get to decide whether or not you want the coverage. You aren’t required to get moving insurance when using the Moving Help Marketplace. Maybe for this move you won’t need moving insurance coverage, but for your next move, you’ll decide to get moving insurance coverage.

Moving insurance is important, and Moving Help’s Safeload coverage is a great choice.

Safeload Coverage Gives You a Peace of Mind 

When moving your items, it can always be stressful even with the best plans. By purchasing our coverage, you’ll know your items will be protected. Moving insurance can be expensive, but it doesn’t need to be expensive to be effective, which is why Moving Help offers Safeload coverage to you at an affordable rate.