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How to Pack a Storage Unit

Posted: June 19, 2022
A bed is being wrapped up as the tenant prepares to leave their home.

It’s been years and years of collecting childhood memories, mementos, decorations and more. You no longer have space in your home to hold these items, and it’s creating a giant mess. 

Therefore, you need to get a storage unit to hold your items. Before you transfer all your extra items from one space to another space, you should plan, coordinate, and think about the best way to pack a storage unit. 

Moving Help® has Service Providers who can help you load up your items at your home and unload your items at your storage unit. Moving Help also has some tips and tricks on how to pack a storage unit to keep in mind before you begin. 

Plan Before You Act

Most people just want to quickly move their items from their home to a storage unit without making a plan because they won’t have a mess in their home. On the other hand, if you make a plan on how to pack a storage unit for yourself in the short term, it’ll help you out tremendously in the long term. 

It’s important to make an inventory list of every item you’re going to put into storage. Additionally, if you care about the value of your items, you’ll want to write down what each item’s value is worth. 

Finally, make sure the storage unit that you pick will fit all your items. You’ll also want to clean and measure your storage unit’s space, which will save you some potential headaches down the road for storage room organization. 

5 Simple Steps to Follow for Storage Units

  1. Think Ahead — You should place frequently used items toward the front of the storage unit. Meanwhile, rarely used items should go toward the back of the storage unit. 
  1. Install Shelving — One of the best ways to pack a storage unit is to install shelving. Not only will it be easier to store items, but it’ll help you utilize your storage unit’s vertical space. 
  1. Line the Wall — When trying to figure out how to pack a storage unit, you should line the walls with boxes first. You also should pack back to front and leave room for an aisle. 
  1. Pack Vertically — You can maximize the most of your space by packing vertically. Large furniture pieces are great choices because you can put them on their side and then fit items around them.
  1. Protect Furniture — You should always protect your furniture with towels, blankets, or furniture bags. It’ll help keep out mold, dust, pests, and mildew.  

Putting Boxes Into Your Storage Unit

OK, so you’ve made your inventory list and planned out how to pack a storage unit along with the five simple steps from above. Now it’s time to put your items into the storage unit. You should put heavy items at the bottom and lighter items at the top, so this will create a stable base. Additionally, customers should leave refrigerator and freezer doors slightly open to prevent mildew. 

Customers also should label boxes, and the labels should face toward you. Another best way to pack a storage unit for optimal storage room organization is to be descriptive when labeling your boxes. It’ll be much easier to find the Christmas bowls and Halloween cookie cutters if labeled on the box vs. writing kitchen items because you’ll probably have more than one kitchen box. 

If your storage unit isn’t climate controlled, you may want to consider getting something to put on the ground to protect it from pests, dirt, and moisture. 

Storage Unit Layout 

Knowing the layout of your space will help you when trying to figure how to pack a storage unit. You’ll want to create an aisle or aisles (depending on your unit’s size), so you can get to everything you own. Nothing will be worse than pulling items out of your storage unit, so you can get something way in the back that you thought you’d never need. This also would be a sign that your storage room organization wasn’t the best it could be for you. 

Along with creating aisles, you’ll also want to create a map of your space. Your map should tell you either what’s in each section or where certain labeled boxes are located in the storage unit. For example, you might have the map organized by living room, decorations, outdoor space, bedroom, and sporting equipment. Another example would be golf shoes, outdoor tools, kitchen bowls, children’s toys, and books. 

Where Does Moving Help Come Into Play?

Moving Help can assist you with your storage unit needs by helping you load up your items before you take them to the storage unit, or they can help you unload your items when you’re at your storage unit. Moving Help can make your storage room organization process go much faster and more efficiently. 

Get the Most Out of Your Storage Unit

No matter whether you’re trying to figure out how to pack a storage unit or what the best way is to go for storage room organization, Moving Help is here to assist you. Moving Help has plenty of tips on the best way to pack a storage unit, and Moving Help has many Service Providers who can help you throughout different steps of the process.