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How to Use the Payment Code

Posted: August 10, 2023
A customer gives her 6-digit Payment Code by showing her phone to a Moving Help Service Provider.

Moving can be stressful for anyone but our Moving Help® Payment Code can make moving less stressful by giving you control over your move. By understanding how the Moving Help Payment Code works, you can put your mind at ease knowing that your Service Provider won’t get paid until you’re satisfied with their work. 

What Is the Payment Code?

The Moving Help Payment Code is a 6-digit code, which holds your funds when you use Moving Help. Your funds aren’t released until after the job is done, and you’re satisfied with the work from your Moving Help Service Provider. You get to control when the code should be released. Moving Help will never release the code without your permission. 

When Should I Release It?

You should release the code after you’re satisfied with the quality of work from your Service Provider. If you’re not satisfied with the work from your Service Provider, you shouldn’t release the code.

After you release the Payment Code, you’ll get an opportunity to leave a Moving Help review based on your experiences with your Service Provider.

If you need more time to finish your move, you can add hours through your Customer Account, or you can have the Moving Help Service Provider request additional hours, which you can approve. You’ll then pay for the additional hours online while still using the same Payment Code.

Where Can I Find the Payment Code?

A customer can find the code on their receipt. If you ordered Moving Help online, you can find it in the confirmation email that was sent to you.  

Customers also receive the code through text message if they opt in to text message alerts. Finally, it can be found in your Customer Account on

What If a Moving Help Service Provider Asks for the Code Before the Job?

You should never release the code until after a job is completed. If a Service Provider asks you for the code before the job, tell them you’ll give it to them after you’re satisfied with the job. 

Reserve Moving Help Today

Customers can find quality Service Providers to help with loading and packing by using Moving Help’s Marketplace. Moving Help’s Marketplace has plenty of Service Providers that can fit any budget. By using Moving Help’s Payment Code, you’ll know the job will get done to your level of satisfaction.