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When to Give Your Payment Code to Your Movers

Posted: March 20, 2023
Customer shows her phone to her mover to give him the Payment Code.

You should only give out your Payment Code under one circumstance. Your Service Provider showed up, completed your move, and you’re satisfied with their work. If you’re happy with your mover’s work, you can give your Payment Code out to your local movers at the end of the job. 

Reasons You Don’t Need to Give Out Your Payment Code

Unfortunately, sometimes a Service Provider will try to go around the Moving Help® Marketplace to retrieve the Payment Code from you. The movers on the Marketplace are independent businesses and not U-Haul employees or contractors. You shouldn’t give out your Payment Code to your Service Provider for the following reasons listed below.

Your Service Provider asks for the Payment Code prior to your move start time. 

  • Only give out the Payment Code after your move is completed, and you’re satisfied with your movers. 

The Service Provider said they need the Payment Code before they can show up to your move. 

  • Service Providers have all the information they need to show up for your move. Your Service Provider doesn’t need your Payment Code to show up for your move. 

Your Service Provider mentions they need the Payment Code to cancel your move. 

  • You’re in control of canceling your move. Therefore, your Service Provider can’t cancel your move with the Payment Code. You may cancel your move through your Customer Account. If the order was placed with Store Credit or VIP, you’ll need to chat with Moving Help’s Customer Support Team to assist you. 

Your Service Provider has advised you they need the Payment Code to refund your move. 

  • As the scenario above, your Service Provider is unable to refund you with your Payment Code. You can request a refund by going through your Customer Account. 

The Service Provider wants you to send a screenshot of your confirmation email. 

  • If you send them a screenshot of your confirmation email without the move being completed, the Service Provider can enter the Payment Code because it’s in the confirmation email. 

Your Service Provider needs your phone to look at something. 

  • You should never give your phone to anyone. Additionally, the Service Provider will have access to your confirmation email because your email will be on your phone. 

Your Service Provider tries to get the last four digits of your card number and/or your billing address. 

  • Your Service Provider might try to disguise themselves as a customer when they try to contact the Customer Support Team to get the Payment Code. 

The Service Provider requests the Payment Code, so they can verify the job/move. 

  • The Service Provider doesn’t need the Payment Code to verify your move. Moving Help has already verified your move. 

Do Not Pay in Cash Unless Tipping

Never give a Service Provider cash for your move unless you’re giving them a tip in cash. When leaving a review, you also can tip your Service Provider at the same time. The Payment Code covers all the services you hired the Service Provider for when you booked them.

Adding Hours to Your Order

If your move takes longer than expected, and you and the Service Provider agree to add more hours to your move, you can go to your Customer Account on to add more time. Once you pay for more hours, you’ll still be able to use the same Payment Code, which will include the additional money for the additional services you requested for your move.

What Are the Next Steps When You’re Unsatisfied With Your Movers

Unfortunately, let’s say you’re unsatisfied with your movers. What’s the next step? First, you don’t want to give your Payment Code to your Service Provider under this circumstance. 

The next step is to fill out a Dispute Resolution Case. You can go to your Customer Account to fill out a DRC. If you have questions about the DRC process, you can email, or you can send a Live Chat message with our Customer Support team. 

If something was broken and you purchased Safeload coverage, you’ll need to file a Safeload claim with RepWest.

Know When to Give Out Your Payment Code 

Your Moving Help Payment Code is your most valuable tool during your move with your Service Provider. Your Service Provider won’t get paid until you’re satisfied with their job, and you’ll give it to them at the end of your move. If you’re not satisfied with your move, make sure you don’t accidentally give out your Payment Code to your movers.