The financial district of Boston reflects on the Boston Harbor.

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Finding local movers can be difficult regardless of the city, but Boston has its own set of challenges that’ll make you want to find the right ones. The Moving Help® Marketplace is your best bet in finding the right local moving company for the right price. 

Whether you enjoy historical landmarks, walkable city streets, or a diverse culture, Boston could be your ideal go-to moving destination.

Why Choose Moving Help? 

Moving Help is your go-to website for finding the best labor-only moving services in your area. Our movers offer packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, cleaning, gun-safe moving, piano moving, and U-Box services. You provide your own moving vehicle or trailer and just pay for the labor in packing or moving your items. 

Moving Help by U-Haul has been around since 2002. Our site has unedited reviews posted by real customers, so you can scout for the right movers. Because Service Providers are independently owned, you’re supporting small, local businesses. 

We also offer Safeload coverage to Service Providers who’ve achieved certain criteria. For our lowest rate, you can pay $4 to receive $500 worth of Safeload coverage. The most coverage you can receive is up to $5,000 while only paying $22. 

Moving Help also has no cancellation fees or hidden fees. You know that the price you pay upfront will be your final cost. 

Boston Is a Historical Hotspot 

If you’re headed to Boston, you’re likely interested in American History. The best part of the city is you’re never far from a hidden historic gem. 

  1. The Brattle Book Shop: This unassuming shop is one of the oldest used bookstores in the United States. Founded in 1825, The Brattle Book Shop houses more than 250,000 different items that any antiquarian would be excited to peruse. 

The shop deals in anything from affordable postcards to rare, first-edition books priced in the thousands. 
For “Antique Roadshow” fans, you may recognize the current proprietor Ken Gloss in his many appearances. Gloss also gives several lectures around the Boston metro area, so any fan of rare books is bound to see him often. 

  1. The Warren Anatomical Museum at Harvard Countway Library: One of the oldest surviving anatomy and pathology museums can be found as a learning resource at Countway Library at Harvard. 

Among the impressive artifacts found within is the preserved skull of Phineas Gage along with the metal rod that impaled it. Gage was a railway worker who suffered a terrible accident where a 3 1/2-foot piece of metal pierced his skull and permanently damaged his brain. 

Gage’s surprising survival, despite the sudden change in personality and chronic seizures, changed the way that doctors viewed the brain and traumatic head injuries. 

  1. The Arnold Arboretum: Found in the heart of Boston, the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University is a 281-acre preserve with an extensively documented collection of plants from North America and eastern Asia. 

This free and public park was founded in 1872 but has a well-documented history prior as well. Early artifacts from indigenous peoples date back to more than 7,000 years ago. These early people were the ancestors of the Massachusetts Tribal Nation. 
The Arboretum also joins Harvard in its commitment to providing information on the enslaved people who were connected to its development and eventual donation by the 19th-century merchant Benjamin Bussey. The willingness to acknowledge and inform the public of its past, good and bad, is a testament to its historic and educational value. 

A landscape shot of the trees at Arnold Arboretum in Boston can be seen on a sunny afternoon.

Special Mentions 

For its relative size, Boston is crammed with exciting opportunities and historical monuments for newcomers and locals. We had to include a few special mentions. 
Boston was the site of the Great Molasses Flood, which resulted in 25 deaths as molasses swept buildings in a 40-foot wave in 1919. It’s the home of the Museum of Bad Art, where the tagline is “Art too bad to be ignored.” Beer fans may find a tour of the Samuel Adams Brewery a fun and informative time. 

What to Consider When Booking Local Movers in Boston 

Not sure how you’re going to move yet? That’s OK because you still book an order with Moving Help. You don’t need all your moving details 1,000% hammered down to book on 

After booking your order, you can work with your Service Provider on figuring out whether reserving a U-Haul truck rental or reserving a U-Box storage container is best for you. Did your unloading address change or do you finally know where you’ll exactly live now? You can notify your Service Provider. 

Maybe you were going to move on a Monday, but now you need to move on a Tuesday. As long as the Service Provider is available for the date change, you can still have your move on a different day. Even if the Service Provider is unavailable, you can use the same funds you booked with your original Service Provider to find a new Service Provider. 

If you’re not familiar with the area, it can be quite confusing, and your local mover can help you out. The streets in Boston were not created with modern vehicles in mind, so you should find a local mover that understands the twists and turns of the city. 

What makes Moving Help great is that our movers choose their available zones, so they know what areas they’re going to help customers. 

Because Boston is home to 35 colleges and universities, you can utilize another service by U-Haul, Collegeboxes. You can use Collegeboxes to store and ship your dorm room belongings. 

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Moving Help has more than 2.3 million reviews from customers just like you. Don’t take just our word for it. Read what customers have to say about Boston movers in your area. 

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The Moving Help Marketplace is a great way to make your DIY move a success. We always recommend you browse through the different Service Providers and their reviews before making any decision. 

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