Downtown Indianapolis can be seen on a mostly sunny day in this aerial shot.

Best Movers in Indianapolis

Looking for moving assistance but don’t know where to start? Don’t have time to vet the best movers in Indianapolis on your own? The Moving Help® Marketplace is here to put your mind at ease. Our moving labor in Indianapolis can help you with all your labor-only needs, including loading, unloading, and more. 

Whether you move to, to another suburb, or move away from Indianapolis, our online Marketplace will find you the help you need without breaking your moving budget. 

What Is Moving Help?

Moving Help is an online Marketplace that connects customers with local moving labor. Moving Help is powered by U-Haul. This means you can find all your supplies, truck rentals, U-Box storage containers, and storage units with U-Haul, and you can find all the muscle-power with Moving Help. 

Rather than trying to find movers in Indianapolis yourself, you can enter your address with Moving Help and find qualified moving labor in Indianapolis immediately. 

With Moving Help, you get to choose what services you need help with for your move and where you need that help. For example, you might not need loading help, but you might need unloading help. 

What Services Does Moving Help Offer?

The Moving Help Marketplace offers many moving labor services for customers. The Moving Helpers get to decide what services they want to provide, and they get to set their own prices. 

Customers can pay for hourly services such as — loading, unloading, packing, unpacking, and cleaning. Customers also can pay a flat rate for U-Box container services, piano moving services, and gun safe moving services.

How Much Do the Best Movers in Indianapolis Cost?

Moving companies in Indianapolis can get expensive, especially full-service movers. The Moving Help Marketplace has affordable moving labor in Indianapolis who will give you high-quality help but also stick to your moving budget. 

Check out the chart below to see how much two helpers for two hours will cost you in Indianapolis.

*Prices may fluctuate because of a variety of reasons (Ex. Time of year, day of the week, summer months, location, number of Service Providers in the area, etc.) 

How to Book Moving Help in Indianapolis?

You can use Moving Help to book an order whether you have a short- or long-distance move. You can choose to hire moving labor for your U-Haul truck rental, hire moving labor for your U-Box storage container, or hire moving labor with whatever way you’re transporting your belongings. 

Below are some instructions to help guide you on how the booking process works.

Step 1: Enter Your Move’s Details

Go to and enter your first address and the time and date you need help with your move. If needed, enter your second address and the time and date you need help as well and then hit the “Search” button. 

Step 2: Filter and Apply What Services You Need

You’ll see the next page has sort and filter options for hourly services and specialty services. Apply the corresponding checkboxes if you need some hourly services or specialty services, so Moving Help can recommend to you the best local labor Service Providers in Indianapolis to fit your needs. 

Step 3: Read Through the Reviews

You can read through hundreds to thousands of reviews for each provider to find the one you like the best. While reading the reviews, you’ll know what each provider costs as well. You’ll then select your local moving labor team based on your needs, the reviews, and your budget. 

Step 4: Repeat the Process

If needed, you’ll “Continue to Location 2” and select your Moving Helpers for your second address. You’ll follow the same process as you did for Location 1. 

Step 5: Enter Remaining Details and Payment Info

You should leave notes for your Service Provider about anything you think they should know for your specific move. For example, you can let them know your home has stairs, or your apartment has an elevator. Of course, your labor-only provider will reach out to you for any additional details they need for your move. Enter your payment and billing information and hit the “Confirm Order” button.

Explore 5 Indianapolis Restaurants

Indianapolis has plenty of amazing spots to chow down on delicious cuisine. The city even has a list of the best restaurants to enjoy. 

Because you’ll use Moving Help to assist you with your move, you’ll get done with moving day that much faster. You’ll get to enjoy all the tasty food the city has to offer that much quicker. 

Here are our five restaurants that we’d try out from the best restaurants list. 

Downtown Indianapolis is shown on a mostly sunny day. The city of Indianapolis has a quite impressive culinary scene for residents and visitors.

1. Bru Burger Bar

The Bru Burger Bar is a joint known for creative — and classic — burgers, sandwiches, and more. The restaurant has many tasty food items and a wide selection of drinks. They have many locations for you to visit. Check out the restaurant’s menu

2. Kountry Kitchen Soul Food Place

Kountry Kitchen Soul Food Place has been around more than 20 years, and the restaurant knows a thing or two when it comes to soul food. Kountry Kitchen makes the classic fried green tomatoes, a fried catfish sandwich, fried chicken wings, fried shrimp, pecan pie, and peach cobbler. Find your soon-to-be favorite meal on the Kountry Kitchen’s menu

3. Lincoln Square Pancake House

If you’re looking for an amazing breakfast spot, you should visit the family-friendly restaurant called Lincoln Square Pancake House. So popular, the Lincoln Square Pancake House has multiple locations to visit. The restaurant has scrambles, skillets, omelets, biscuits and gravy, egg benedicts, egg sandwiches, pancakes, French toasts, waffles, crepes, and plenty more. The Lincoln Square Pancake House’s menu has plenty of items for you to pour over before visiting. 

4. St. Elmo Steak House

The St. Elmo Steak House is considered an Indianapolis classic. The award-winning restaurant is known for good service and exquisite food and cooking methods. St. Elmo Steak House has a beautiful interior with areas for private dining. The restaurant has steak, chops, chicken, seafood, and plenty of sides to share for the whole table, which you can find on the St. Elmo Steak House’s menu

5. Iozzo’s Garden of Italy

For Italian cuisine, customers can visit Iozzo’s Garden of Italian. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. Iozzo’s Garden of Italy interior includes exposed brick and family photos. The restaurant also boasts a nice patio area. Iozzo’s Garden of Italy’s menu includes lasagna Bolognese, marsala, carbonara, and the classic spaghetti. 

Saving Money When Moving in Indianapolis

Monument Circle and the rest of downtown Indianapolis can be seen as the sun begins to set for the day.

Even if you move a short distance in Indianapolis, you can still find ways to save money with your move. 

First of all, you’ll want to create a moving budget. By creating a moving budget, you’ll make sure to not go over budget and spend the amount of money you want to spend on your move. Below are eight more saving tips: 

  1. The fewer items you own, the fewer items you’ll need to move, so purge as many items as possible. 
  1. You can use clothes, towels, linens, and sheets to protect breakable items. 
  1. If you run out of the above items, it could be cheaper and easier in the long run to wrap your items in packing paper compared to bubble wrap. Of course, some items might require the use of bubble wrap. 
  1. U-Haul moving boxes are great because they’re designed to be used more than once. If you have some left over, you should make good use of them. 
  1. Book boxes or suitcases are great for books, DVDs, or video games. 
  1. Pack your belongings yourself vs. having someone else complete the packing for you. 
  1. Move during the week vs. moving during the weekend. 
  1. Book your U-Haul truck rental in advance vs. the day of moving day. 

Read Moving Help Reviews in Indianapolis

The Moving Help Marketplace has completed more than 5 million jobs, resulting in more than 2.5 million reviews. This means Service Providers in Indianapolis have hundreds to thousands of reviews for you to review. 

Indianapolis movers might not have thousands of reviews. Plus, you’ll still have to find out other information from the other moving companies in Indianapolis. With Moving Help, you can find everything you need with our moving labor. 

Find the Best Movers in Indianapolis Today

Full-service moving companies in Indianapolis are expensive. Plus, you might not need every single service they offer for a full-service move. The Moving Help Marketplace has plenty of moving labor in Indianapolis to fit your needs and budget. 

Our Service Providers can give you a stress-free move while backing their services with hundreds to thousands of reviews from other completed jobs from other customers just like you.