The Washington Monument Fountain located in Eakins Oval can be seen looking toward the parkway on this foggy sunrise in Philadelphia.

Moving Companies in Philadelphia

Philadelphia has plenty to explore with its history, arts, culture, food — cheesesteaks — sports, and passion. After all, this is the city known for throwing snowballs at Santa Claus at halftime during a Philadelphia Eagles football game.

Whether you need moving labor to help you move to or from Philadelphia, Moving Help® is here to assist you to make this your smoothest move yet. Our Service Providers can offer multiple services, and still be affordable compared to other moving companies.

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U-Haul and Moving Help are sister companies, and Moving Help is powered by U-Haul. The best part is you can get everything you need for your move between U-Haul and Moving Help.

Do you need moving boxes, a truck rental, or storage containers? Do you need help loading and unloading your items? How about packing or unpacking your belongings?

Well, you can find everything and more with U-Haul. Then you can hire labor-only moving labor from the Moving Help Marketplace. A moving company can’t provide everything like Moving Help and U-Haul.

How Much Do Moving Companies Cost in Philadelphia?

A Philadelphia moving company might cost you a ton of money. When you use labor-only Service Providers in Philadelphia from Moving Help, you can find affordable providers. Check out the chart below to see how much two helpers for two hours will cost you.


3 Attractions to Visit in Philadelphia

This list was extremely difficult to narrow down because there’s so much to see — old and new — in Philadelphia. We chose three places that we think people will enjoy sightseeing.

Once Moving Help has you settled into your new home, you can check out a comprehensive guide to Philadelphia’s museums and attractions to find more must-see attractions.

1. Liberty Bell Center

You might remember the Liberty Bell from the “National Treasure” film. It’s known for having a crack on its side. When visiting, you can hear many stories about the Liberty Bell. Admission is free, and tickets aren’t required. Entrance is on a first-come, first-served basis. 

2. The African American Museum in Philadelphia

The African American Museum in Philadelphia was founded in 1976. It “is the first institution built by a major U.S. city to preserve, interpret, and exhibit the heritage and culture of African Americans.” 

The museum takes a fresh look at the roles African Americans played in the founding of our nation where you can learn about the history, stories, cultures, and more. You can purchase tickets here

3. Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of the nation’s largest art museums that’ll impress any art enthusiast. Just outside the museum is the Washington Monument Fountain.

Less than a mile away from the museum, you can walk to the Rodin Museum and check out a large collection of Rodin’s works. Tickets for the Philadelphia Museum of Art can be purchased online.

Moving Services at Moving Help

Moving Help has a variety of moving services that can help you with your needs. The following services we offer are:

Because Moving Help has the largest Marketplace of labor-only Service Providers, you can find many price points among Service Providers and read many reviews from different providers on the Marketplace.

You might not find other moving companies who don’t have the same number of reviews or services. By booking through the Moving Help Marketplace, you can support small, local businesses in Philly.

3 Restaurants to Eat in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is known for its culinary cuisine. The No. 1 food item everyone from Philly is proud of having is “the best” cheesesteak. If you want a true and proper cheesesteak, Philadelphia is the place to consume one. You can spend more time stuffing your face with cheesesteaks when you let Moving Help complete the unpacking for you.

Of course, we have a cheesesteak restaurant below for you to try, but we also have two other places that we think we’ll suffice your mouth’s palate and taste buds.

1. Tommy DiNic’s in Reading Terminal Market

While you’re exploring the Reading Terminal Market to find a place to eat, you need to check out Tommy DiNic’s. The restaurant is known for its roast pork sandwiches. You also can try out roast beef, Italian pulled pork, and more.

2. John’s Water Ice

If you’re looking for a sweet dessert treat during the hot summers, head over to John’s Water Ice to cool you down. They have water ice — don’t say shaved ice or you might get shunned — which comes in a variety of flavors including cherry, pineapple, lemon, and chocolate.

3. Dalessandro’s Steaks

The wait is finally over. Head over to the long lines at Dalessandro’s Steaks to devour a delicious Philly Cheesesteak. It’s the perfect combination of ingredients, and some people think it’s the best Philly Cheesesteak in the entire city.

Honorable mention: Tony Luke’s and Primo Hoagies

Why Moving Help Is Better Than the Competition

Moving Help is better than the competition for several reasons. 

  • We have the largest Marketplace for labor-only moving Service Providers. Other moving companies can’t be everywhere. 
  • Customers can find a wide range of prices from our moving labor to fit your budget and needs. 
  • Moving Help has been around since 2002. 
  • Moving Help has more than 2.5 million real, unedited reviews from customers. Customers can read hundreds to thousands of reviews from customers for each provider. 
  • You’re in full control of your items. Your belongings won’t end up “hostage” from a Service Provider. 
  • You can customize your services with Moving Help to fit your individual needs. 
  • You can choose to work with a single moving team for two locations. You also can choose two moving teams for each location. 
  • Our Moving Helpers know how to unload or load U-Haul truck rentals, U-Box storage containers, and other portable containers in a quick and efficient manner. 

Read Moving Help Reviews in Philadelphia

Why wait to read reviews about Philadelphia moving companies? You can read more than 2.5 million unedited reviews right now about what Moving Help customers thought of their Service Providers — the good and the bad — on the Moving Help Marketplace.

Moving Companies Can Help You Today

If you’re looking forward to moving to Philadelphia or to another part of Philadelphia, let Moving Help assist you with your move. Even if you’re leaving the City of Brotherly Love, Moving Help can find you the right moving labor who’ll fit your budget and needs.

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