San Jose’s downtown area can be seen in the background as cars drive to and from the city.

Movers in San Jose

With a San Jose moving labor team, you’ll receive top-notch assistance for loading and unloading, packing and unpacking, and more. Unlike traditional movers in San Jose, the Moving Help® Marketplace has San Jose Moving Helpers who can handle multiple services, including business moves.

Once your professional moving labor team is finished, you can embrace the wonders that San Jose has to offer for you.

How Much Does a San Jose Moving Company Cost?

You can find out much San Jose moving labor will cost you for two helpers for two hours in the chart below.


Moving Help Programs

We have several Moving Help programs that help benefit the customers. Read about some of our programs below.


Safeload coverage is a great way to protect your items. Only top-rated San Jose moving labor from Moving Help can offer Safeload, so you can feel confident knowing you have your items in great hands. Other San Jose moving companies might not offer additional insurance, or you have to find third-party insurance on your own.

No hidden fees

We have no hidden fees. The price you see is the price you pay. With a traditional full-service San Jose moving company, they might have hidden fees that you’re unaware of until moving day.

No cancellation fees

Moving Help has no cancellation fees. Moving can get complicated sometimes, so we understand when you have to cancel. Movers in San Jose who aren’t on our Marketplace might charge costly cancellation fees.

No stair fees

Our Service Providers can’t charge stair fees. Stair fees are already included in the price that local Moving Helpers set themselves. Other moving companies in San Jose might charge you stair fees, which can add up if you live on the third story or higher.

No gas fees

Our providers also can’t charge you for gas fees. Once again, gas fees are already included in their prices. Gas in California isn’t cheap, so when San Jose another moving company tries to charge you gas fees, it can add up quickly.

Refundable service fee

When you place a Moving Help order online, you’re charged a $5.95 service fee that’s refundable. After your move is over, you’ll receive an email to leave a review for your Moving Helper. Once you leave a review, you’ll be refunded your $5.95 service fee.

Business Moving in San Jose

While Moving Help is known for helping people move from apartments, colleges, houses, and more, we have professional providers who can provide office moving services. Even if it’s a quick or long distance, our Service Providers can get the job done.

Moving can take some time to do properly when it comes to an office move. It’s nice to have a San Jose Moving Helpers who can give you extra muscle and time to offer you some extra help.

Businesses are moving in and out of the San Jose area. If your San Jose business is considering a move, check out our office relocation checklist.

How to get a Driver’s License in California

If you’re moving from out of the state to California, you’ll need to get a new driver’s license after arriving in San Jose. Follow the steps below on what you need to do to get your new driver’s license. If you need more information, visit

Step 1

Complete a driver’s license or identification (DL/ID) card application.

Step 2

Visit a DMV office, you’ll need to bring with you:

  • Social security number (SSN)
  • Prove your identity document
  • Present acceptable residency documents
  • Pay the nonrefundable application fee
  • Have your thumbprint scanned
  • Pass a vision exam
  • Have your photo taken
  • Pass the knowledge tests (You’re allowed three attempts to pass each of the required knowledge tests.)

After that’s done, you’ll receive your new California driver’s license soon enough.

3 Attractions to See in San Jose

San Jose has plenty of attractions for everyone whether it’s with friends or families. After your Moving Helpers finish unloading and unpacking your new home for you, check out these three attractions yourself.

1. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk 

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has more than 40 rides and attractions. With sandy beaches and cool water, what’s not to love about the boardwalk. The boardwalk has games, restaurants, and gift shops. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk also includes the world-famous 1924 Giant Dipper wooden roller coaster.

2. Overfelt Gardens & Chinese Cultural Garden 

The Overfelt Gardens & Chinese Cultural Garden has 32-acres of a blissful, beautiful scenery. The Overfelt Gardens & Chinese Cultural Garden also recommends grabbing a book because they have plenty of comfortable benches for you to enjoy your reading outdoors.

They say, “One can find a sense of peace and a spirit of Zen.” You can examine the large statues while admiring the pavilions at the Overfelt Gardens & Chinese Cultural Garden.

3. Winchester Mystery House 

Sarah Pardee Winchester, heiress of the Winchester Repeating Arms fortunate, built the house. The house started construction in 1884, and it continued for 38 straight years until she died in 1922. It’s supposed to be haunted, which is why visitors can take tours, go to events, and play games.

Winchester felt guilty about the victims of the Winchester Rifle, and she built a 160-room mansion that’s confusing. It’s confusing because doors open to walls, stairways lead to ceilings, and more strangeness.

The downtown area in San Jose can be seen during a sunset.

Read Moving Help Reviews in San Jose

Moving Help has more than 2.5 million reviews, and our reviews are real, unedited reviews left by customers who shared their moving experiences — good and bad — with the Service Provider you’re considering using for your individual move. Our Moving Helpers could have hundreds to thousands of reviews, which other San Jose movers might not be able to say.

Movers in San Jose Make Moving Easier

San Jose Moving Help Service Providers can take your stress away by doing the heavy lifting for you. Whether you need to move between apartments, houses, business offices, our professional moving labor will be there for you. Unlike other moving companies in San Jose, Moving Help offers upfront pricing.

After the moving part is over, you can soak in the San Jose area with all its wonder and thrills.