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Office Relocation Moving Checklist

Posted: July 8, 2022
A group of co-workers discuss to one another about their upcoming office relocation plans.

Every move can have its own challenges, but an office move is even more challenging because you have many moving parts along with trying to minimize your business’s bottom line and disruption it can cause when moving. 

Every office move is different, but our Moving Help® office relocation moving checklist can help you keep in mind crucial items or add something else to your moving checklist if you’ve started one already. 

Checklist for Moving to an Office

Your moving checklist will probably have many secondary bullet points. The overall checklist can be categorized into at least five steps: 

  • Plan office relocation (At least 12 to 18 months, or even longer) 
  • Communicate to all parties about the office relocation 
  • Prepare for the office relocation move 
  • Making the office relocation move 
  • Settle in (and celebrate your office relocation move) 

Who Will Create a Checklist for Moving a Business?

It’s recommended you create an office relocation committee. Then someone within that committee will ultimately oversee the office relocation committee. 

The committee will want to create a timeline for your move and set out timeline goals and objectives throughout your office relocation move timeline. The committee also will have to review the business’s lease agreement, discuss the business’s budget, and find the best moving date. 

Moving Checklist for Your New Place

You’ll need to tour any new place you’re potentially moving into for your office relocation. Assuming the potential new office space tour goes well, here are some items to keep in mind for your new office: 

  • Office headcount 
  • Desks needed 
  • Chairs needed 
  • Equipment needed 
  • Common areas
    • Items needed for common areas 
  • Furniture
    • Whether you’re buying new furniture or bringing old furniture or a combination of both 
  • Other technology needed 
  • Office colors 

Moving Checklist for Your IT Department

Your Information Technology department will probably need the most help during the office relocation move. Not only does the IT department typically have many technological items, but they also are responsible for data and files. It’s important to not lose any data or have data get compromised when moving. Here are some items to keep in mind for your IT department: 

  • Equipment for IT 
  • Power sources 
  • Cables 
  • Servers 
  • Monitors 
  • Hard drives 
  • Having internet access set up prior to moving day 
  • Back up all possible files prior to moving 
  • Setting protocols on moving confidential/important information 

Moving Checklist for Utilities

You’ll need to have your new utilities ready to go prior to your office relocation move, and you’ll need to make sure your utilities are discontinued at your old office space. Some utilities may include: 

  • Internet 
  • Electricity 
  • Gas 
  • Cable 
  • Heating 
  • Waste 
  • Sewage 

Of course, your new office could have more or less utilities than your old office. This is all important information you should know prior to your office relocation move. 

Moving Checklist for Your Old Office Space

Your office relocation move isn’t just about moving into your new office, it’s also about leaving your old office in good condition. You should keep in mind the following: 

  • Remove signs and branding elements 
  • Returning all building keys, codes, etc. 
  • Hiring a cleaning service after everything is moved out 
  • Make sure to give enough notice to your landlord 
  • Walk through the inspection with your landlord 

Other Checklist Items for Your Office Relocation

The final checklist is for items that you’ll need to take care of during your office relocation process: 

  • Inventory all items 
  • Update company information where listed 
  • Gather enough packing supplies 
  • Have employees pack up personal items (pictures and lotions, but not work computers or work monitors) 
  • Potentially hiring for moving trucks, labor help, packing services, or for a full-service move 
  • Send out internal announcements and letters (even have in-person conversations), then inform key stakeholders, and then use external announcements for vendors, clients, banks, press, or anyone else 
  • If you have any money leftover in your budget, celebrate your new office relocation move with your employees 

Office Relocation Services

The Moving Help Marketplace has many Service Providers who offer loading and unloading services, packing services, and cleaning services. If you need help with your move, Moving Help Service Providers can assist you with office relocation services. 

Organize Your Office Relocation Moving Checklist 

An office relocation isn’t a walk in the park, so it’s important to stay organized and on track. By having an office relocation moving checklist, your business can stay focused on its office relocation.