A cold, winter evening can be seen as snow covers the Seattle ground and downtown area.

Movers Near Me in Seattle

If you can’t imagine living in a world where your morning doesn’t start with coffee while it’s raining outside, Seattle might be the place for you. Seattle is home to some of the best coffee roasting, including home to the famous Starbucks Corporation (You may have heard of them.) 

While you’re spending your time figuring out what coffee roast you want to drink, you can hire Moving Help® Service Providers to take care of the moving portion for you. Our Service Providers have the expert knowledge to pack, load, unload, unpack, along with other moving services to get you to your new home safely and efficiently.

How Much Do Seattle Movers Near Me Cost?

Rather than spending your time loading and unloading your belongings yourself, consider hiring moving labor from Moving Help. Below is a chart for how much it’ll cost to hire two helpers for two hours.


Programs We Offer


The Moving Help Marketplace offers Safeload coverage for qualifying moving labor to protect your belongings and allow you to feel peace of mind.

Safeload only costs $4 for $500 worth of coverage and up to $22 for $5,000 worth of coverage.

Refundable Service Fee

Moving Help has aa $5.59 refundable service fee. When you place an online Moving Help order, you’re charged $5.95.

Once your move is completed, you’ll receive an email to leave a review for your Moving Helper. After finishing your review, you’ll be refunded your $5.95 service fee.

No Cancellation Fee

Do you need a new moving day? Did your move get canceled? Did a family emergency come up and you need to reschedule? Not a problem. Moving Help doesn’t charge cancellation fees.

No worries. If you need to cancel your move, Moving Help will never charge you a cancellation fee.

No Hidden Fees

Some Seattle moving companies might charge you more money with hidden fees, such as a travel fee or a stairs fee. A Seattle moving company might give you a non-binding quote. Moving Help gives you upfront pricing in minutes. Our movers don’t charge you extra for a stairs fee or a travel fee either because it’s included in the prices they set themselves.

Moving Help Can Move Your Home or Business

Are you preparing for one of the following moves:

Well good news, because we have moving labor on our Marketplace who can help with those types of moves. Whether it’s a residential move to a new home or you’re relocating your business to a new office space, we’ll be there to assist you.

3 Seattle Restaurants to Check Out

Seattle has endless options of restaurants, so we chose three restaurants you should check out. If you want to see more eatery options, check out this Seattle food guide because you’ll have plenty of time since you used Moving Help to get your move done faster and safely.

1. Ivar’s Salmon House

Seafood and Seattle go hand in hand. You’ll get to see waterfront views of Lake Union while enjoying your wild Alaska stuffed crab halibut or clam chowder. You can check out the restaurant’s menu before dining.

2. 13 Coins Seattle

If you’re exploring Seattle’s first neighborhood in the Pioneer Square area, and you’re looking for an eatery to try, visit 13 Coins Seattle. They have everything from breakfast items, to steaks, and sandwiches. You can check out 13 Coins Seattle’s menu whether you’re dining in, or ordering take out.

3. Doc Maynard’s Public House

Did you know Seattle has an underground city and tunnels? Well before you take a tour to explore them, you can check out Doc Maynard’s Public House. You can eat a juicy burger or split some shareable snacks with your group before you go exploring.

Specialty Moving in Seattle

Moving Help Service Providers can take care of your specialty items. Whether you have a piano, gun safe, or just a heavy item, our providers can move them for you. Unlike some Seattle movers near you, they might not be able to handle specialty items.

Do you just want to find Seattle moving labor teams who can specifically move pianos? You can go to the Moving Help Marketplace and filter for only movers who offer piano moving services in Seattle.

3 Fun Facts About Seattle

Seattle is full of history and interesting facts. We’ll give you three fun facts about three different places located in Seattle. Afterward, you can visit them for yourself because you’ll be finished moving sooner than expected with Moving Help.

1. The Space Needle

Do you want a picture-perfect postcard photo? Then look no further than The Space Needle. The iconic 520-foot building is known for its saucer-shaped “top house.” Tourists and residents come here to get a 360-degree view of downtown, Mount Rainier, Puget Sound, and the Cascades and Olympic Mountain ranges.

Visitors also have two viewing levels with floor-to-forever glass in the revolving building. If you want exhilarating views, purchase your tickets today.

A man tosses a fish to another man at the Pike Place Market. When visitors go to Pike Place Market, they can watch the famous in-person fish throwing scene.

2. Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market was founded in 1907, which means it’s more than a century old. “The Market is one of the oldest and largest continuously operating public markets in the United States,” according to The Market’s about us page.

The Market spans nine historic acres. Visitors will get to see in-person fish throwing, iconic views, smell and taste delicious food, along with going on a shopping spree to discover something new. If this sounds like something you want to visit, plan your visit to Pike Place Market now.

3. Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour

Seattle rebuilt itself on top of the city’s original ashes after a devastating fire on June 6, 1889. The fire, caused by a glue pot accident in a carpentry shop, quickly engulfed the timber-built city, burning 25 blocks and resulting in losses of about $20 million.

Today, you can explore the remnants of the past with Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour. Discover old storefronts and sidewalks beneath Pioneer Square, while hearing intriguing stories about Seattle’s history. Fun for the whole family, tickets can be purchased online, over the phone, or at their box office.

Read Moving Help Reviews in Seattle

Don’t take our word about our moving labor. See what other customers think about Seattle Service Providers. on the Moving Help Marketplace. Customers have left more than 2.5 million real, unedited reviews, so other people can read about their experiences with a specific provider.

Some Seattle Moving Helpers have hundreds to thousands of reviews, which other Seattle movers might not be able to say.

Hire Seattle Movers Near You Today

The Moving Help Marketplace has plenty of moving labor near you. You know when you choose a Service Provider on our Marketplace, you won’t have to worry about hidden fees or cancellation fees, your belongings will be protected with Safeload coverage, and you can get your refundable service fee back by leaving a review on your Moving Helper.

Seattle has so much to explore and plenty of food to eat. No matter what is involved with your Seattle move, we can help you find the right moving labor to fit your specific needs and budget. Other Seattle moving companies might not be able to fit your needs and budget like Moving Help.