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Using Military Storage During Deployment

Posted: June 15, 2022
U-Haul employees stand together ready to take care of your military storage needs.

When you’re in the military, moving is a common occurrence. Whether you get deployed overseas, move to another station, or have a PCS move, military members and their families are constantly on the move. This is why having a reliable military storage unit is key.

What happens if you’re moving and you need to store most or all of your belongings? You’ll need to find a trustworthy place to store your belongings. Even when you find the right place, you still might need to find help moving your belongings. 

That’s where U-Haul and Moving Help® can assist you. U-Haul offers various storage unit sizes, and Moving Help can take care of loading and unloading your belongings. 

Why Choose a Storage Unit Over the Place You’re Renting?

You’ll want to choose to keep your belongings in a storage unit over the place you’re leasing because renting a storage unit is typically much cheaper than renting a home or apartment. Plus you won’t have to worry about the extra utilities that come when renting your home. 

While you could sublease your place, you’d still have to trust someone to not break, damage, or steal your items. With a military storage unit, you or a family member will be able to access your belongings at anytime and you can rest assured your items are secure.

What Makes Storage a Great Choice?

If you choose a storage unit, you have the option to find a place that is climate-controlled, meaning your items will be protected from any harsh weather. Some places have great security systems to keep your belongings safe, which is a factor to keep in mind when you looking for the right unit. 

You’ll also have plenty of time to access your military storage when you need to unload or load whatever you plan on storing. Having a storage unit will help you prepare for a PCS move. If you have a PCS move involving pets, and your pet has many items, storage is a good option as well.

Why Should I Use a U-Haul Storage Unit? 

You should use a U-Haul storage unit for your military storage needs because U-Haul offers climate-controlled storage and outdoor/drive-up storage. Additionally, U-Haul offers vehicle storage for your car, motorcycle, boat, or RV, which is crucial when you might not have a place to keep your vehicles when you’re deployed overseas. 

U-Haul also has three storage unit sizes, which range from small, medium, and large. The sizes are 5 x 5 up to 5 x 10 for small storage units, 5 x 15 up to 10 x 15 for medium storage units, and 10 x 20 and up for large storage units.

If you’re unsure about what military storage unit size you might need, you can check out U-Haul’s storage unit size guide for help. 

What Are Some Other Benefits With a U-Haul Storage Unit?

Some other benefits that come with renting a U-Haul storage unit include: 

  • No admin or deposit fees 
  • Online account management 
  • Auto pay and online payment 
  • Tenant insurance options 
  • Pay month to month 
  • Rent now/online move-in 
  • State of the art security systems 

The auto pay option is beneficial for military members because you can set up your online account to pay for your bill automatically while not having to worry about it when you’re deployed. 

If you want a more portable option besides a U-Haul storage unit, you may want to consider looking into renting a U-Box storage container

How Can Moving Help Assist Me?

Moving Help can help you with your military storage needs by having Service Providers load or unload your unit for you. Moving Help has plenty of Service Providers on our Marketplace with plenty of experience in efficiently loading and quickly unloading storage units.

Use U-Haul Storage and Moving Help for Your Next Deployment 

When trying to figure out where you’ll store your belongings before your next deployment, check out U-Haul and Moving Help. We can help take care of your military storage unit, and we can carefully unload or load your items quickly and efficiently.