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What Is a PCS Move in the Military?

Posted: August 15, 2023
Military parents sit with their daughter on their porch with moving boxes.

If you’re in the military and you just got your first Permanent Change of Station orders, you may be wondering what you need to do next when it comes to your move. PCS stands for Permanent Change of Station.

A PCS move could be a move from one duty station to another duty station. If you’re nearing retirement or discharge, it could be between your final duty station and home of record, according to

PCS orders usually happen every two to four years. May 15 to Sept. 30 is considered peak PCS season, according to

Moving Help® will assist military members and their families with what information you should keep in mind when moving. Moving is complicated and moving in the military can be even trickier, which is why staying organized is so important.

What Are the Different Types of PCS Moves?

The three most common type of PCS moves are Continental United States, Household goods transportation and storage, and Personally Procured Move. The CONUS moves are the most common PCS moves, according to

A HHG is where a transportation service provider provides a household goods move for the government. Your items are packed and then transported to your new location. 

A PPM is where you pack and move your belongings to your new home. You also have the option to hire a professional moving labor such as Moving Help Service Provider. The government will pay you 95 percent of the cost to hire a mover, according to

Additionally, some PCS orders have their own rules and regulations, and you can read more on the Defense Logistics Agency’s website. You need to make sure you understand these differences when you have accompanied or unaccompanied PCS overseas, PCS to same geographic area, change of a ship’s homeport or unit’s location, or PCS with temporary duty in route.

Moving Help Can Assist You

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Use Moving Help for Your Next PCS Move 

Moving Help will take the stress out of your next PCS move. No matter how organized you are, it’s always nice to have an extra set of hands on moving day to help make your move go smoother.