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Find Packers and Movers Near You: A Guide

Posted: December 19, 2023
Two Moving Helpers pack dishware into moving boxes in the kitchen of a customer’s home.

When it comes to moving, packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking are sometimes the longest parts involving your individual move. Packers and movers can help make your move more like a breeze.

The Moving Help Marketplace® has many moving labor providers who can offer packing or unpacking services, and the same provider also can offer loading or unloading belongings. You also have the choice to choose one provider to pack or unpack for you, and then hire another provider to load or unload for you. You also can hire a provider for just one service like pack or unpack or hire one service for load or unload only.

It’s important to find reliable packers and movers near you. Moving Help has plenty of trustworthy and experienced providers to give you a one-stop solution.

How Movers and Packers Can Assist With Moving

When you typically move, you need:

  • Moving boxes
  • Packing supplies
  • Transportation
  • Moving help such as friends or family

U-Haul can provide moving boxes, packing supplies, and transportation. If you need packing supplies related to moving, U-Haul can assist you. U-Haul also has pickups, cargo vans, and truck rentals for your move.

Rather than trying to rely on family or friends, which can be unpredictable or unhelpful, you can rely on professional assistance with the Moving Help Marketplace.

Moving labor providers from our Marketplace can assist with the packing or unpacking, loading or unloading, cleaning your home prior or after moving, U-Box containers, and help with specialty items such as piano moving and gun safe moving.

The Role of Packers and Movers

The role of movers and packers who live near you is to help you pack your belongings, load your items, unload them, and even unpack them for you. Packers and movers make your lives easier because you don’t have to perform the heavy lifting or risk injuring yourself.

Moving Help is an online Marketplace that has providers who can offer packing and unpacking services and loading and unloading services — along with other moving labor services. The Marketplace also has providers who just offer loading and unloading services.

The most common service on the Moving Help Marketplace is hiring two helpers for two hours.

Because customers are paying for labor-only providers, you’ll be able to find affordable and high-quality help with the services providers offer while providing any necessary moving equipment for your move compared to full-service movers.

Why Choose Moving Help?

The Moving Help Marketplace has been around since 2002. Moving Help has learned a thing or two about moving.

Our Marketplace has seasoned veteran moving labor providers to moving labor providers who are just making their mark in the moving industry. This allows for a wide range of prices for customers.

Our experienced professionals can carefully pack and move your belongings from your old home to your new home.

Two Moving Helpers pack kitchen items into moving boxes while a customer packs her dish towels into a moving box.

Convenience of Finding Movers and Packers Near You in One Place

All you need to do to find packers and moving labor is to go to and enter your:

  • Address(es)
  • Date(s)
  • The time of day

Once the results page loads, you can choose to add packing and unpacking services and click on the “Apply” button.

After the page loads, this will show you all the Moving Help Service Providers who offer loading and unloading and packing and unpacking services near you.

If you’d rather hire one moving labor Service Provider for packing or unpacking services and hire a second moving labor Service Provider for loading and unloading services, you can do that as well.

Do You Tip Movers and Packers?

You might wonder “How much to tip packers and movers?” The most common tipping suggestion is to tip $5 to $10 per mover per hour, or you can tip 15 percent to 20 percent of the total bill.

It’s also easier to tip in cash so make sure you stop at an ATM machine if needed prior to your packers or movers moving date. It’s also important to keep in mind that if they go above and beyond, you might want to give them some extra money because of their hard work.

With Moving Help, you can tip in cash in person, or you can tip online when writing your Moving Help review.

The decision to tip and how much to tip is ultimately up to you.

Additional Tips for a Smooth Move

If you’re needing some additional tips to help make your move smoother, check out these checklists:

Find Packers and Movers With Moving Help Today

It shouldn’t be a difficult and time-consuming process to find movers and packers near you. With the Moving Help Marketplace, you can find packers and moving labor with one Service Provider. You also can find one provider for packing and unpacking and another provider for loading and unloading.

You can use U-Haul for packing supplies and transportation and Moving Help for packing and moving. Our online Marketplace has moving labor providers in all 50 U.S. states and in 10 provinces in Canada, so you’ll find someone near you.

If you want to make your next move easier, hire Moving Helpers today to have your smoothest move yet.