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Apartment Moving Guide: Two-Bedroom

Posted: August 5, 2022
Moving Helpers load a U-Box container outside of an apartment.

Trying to figure everything you need to move your two-bedroom apartment? Use this moving guide to get an idea of what size truck you’ll need, how many moving supplies it’ll take, and how many hours of Moving Help to reserve.

Moving a different sized apartment? We also created guides for a studio and one-bedroom move.

What size truck should I rent for a two-bedroom apartment?

U-Haul recommends renting a 15′ truck when moving most two-bedroom apartments.

Apartment SizeTruck Size
2-Bedroom (Average amount of belongings.)15′ Truck
2-Bedroom (More than average amount of belongings.)17′ Truck

Be sure not to rent too large of a moving truck. Having extra space in your truck can cause load shift which might damage your belongings. Consider hiring professionals from Moving Help to ensure your truck is loaded properly.

How many U-Box moving containers are needed for a two-bedroom?

Apartment Size# of U-Box Containers
2-Bedroom (Average amount of belongings.)3 U-Box Containers
2-Bedroom (More than average amount of belongings.)4 U-Box Containers

A single U-Box container can hold more than you might think. With a capacity of 257 cubic ft, you can actually fit around a room to a room and a half of household items in just one container.

How many moving boxes do I need for a two-bedroom apartment?

Apartment SizeSmall BoxesMedium BoxesLarge Boxes
2-Bedroom (Average amount of belongings.)15 Small Boxes25 Medium Boxes10 Large Boxes
2-Bedroom (More than average amount of belongings.)20 Small Boxes30 Medium Boxes15 Large Boxes

Don’t stress about accidentally buying more boxes than you think you’ll actually need. U-Haul centers accept returns for all unused boxes when you bring your receipt. It’s always better to have too many boxes than face yourself needing more when you might be rushing to pack.

Make your move easier with specialty boxes! You will likely need just one dish saver kit, 2 to 3 wardrobe boxes, and a TV box for each flat screen you have.

What moving supplies do I need for a two-bedroom?

If you would rather just buy all of your moving supplies and boxes all at one, try purchasing an apartment moving kit. If you think you might need more or less of a certain item, you can easily edit the quantity before adding the kit to your cart.

What we recommend:

Don’t forget that each U-Box moving and storage container you rent will come with 2 dozen complimentary rental furniture pads.

How long does it take to move a two-bedroom apartment?

When hiring labor through Moving Help, it should only take a 2-person crew about two hours to complete a two-bedroom apartment move. This is if the locations you are moving between are under around 30 minutes from each other.

Apartment Size2 Person Crew3 Person Crew4 Person Crew
2-Bedroom (Average amount of belongings.)2 hrs2 hrsN/A
2-Bedroom (More than average amount of belongings.)3 hrs2-3 hrs2 hrs
Estimated Time When Hiring a Moving Help Crew

Don’t forget to allot for extra time if your apartment has stairs if or there is a long walk between your unit and where you’ll be able to park your moving truck. We recommend adding an hour for every flight of stairs your movers will have to climb.

We suggest adding an extra hour to your reservation if the distance between your unit and where you can park your moving truck is over 20ft, but under 50ft. Consider adding two hours if the distance is over 50ft.

If you are using the same mover for both locations, don’t forget to add drivetime into your total number of hours reserved.

If you are unsure about how much time you’ll need, remember that you can always add more time to a Moving Help reservation if your movers have time in their schedule. You cannot remove hours if your move is already underway and you realize you have overbooked.